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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Learn how Westminster plans for the future

Learn how Westminster plans for the future

It’s almost impossible to live on the Front Range and not have an opinion about growth – what it should look like, how it should happen and where or whether it should be approved.

As a city, Westminster has worked – and sometimes grappled – with these questions almost from its founding. This is a beautiful and special place, where it’s still possible to see coyotes roaming the open spaces and take in unobstructed panoramas of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a desirable place, one where people want to build their lives. As the entire Front Range continues seeing record population increases, Westminster shares in that gain.

A fundamental question is, how best to be smart about that growth? To be forward thinking? To plan for the future, considering available resources and projecting what might be needed decades from now? To maintain and preserve what makes Westminster beautiful while fitting into the bigger picture of statewide population increase?

To help Westminster residents learn about these issues and access resources, we’ve created Planning for the Future, an online hub for information, news and future planning related to growth in Westminster, including the status of development projects as well as information about water and open space.

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