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Interlibrary Loan

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Anyone with a Westminster Public Library card in good standing can request an item that the Westminster Public Library does not own. After a request is made, our Collection Development Librarian will determine whether to purchase the item for the library collection, or to try and borrow it from another library through our Interlibrary Loan service (ILL.)

Although we begin processing your request as soon as possible, you can expect ILLs to take two to five weeks to be filled. You will be notified when your item arrives by an automated phone call and/or email, depending on the method of notification preference in your library account. If we are unable to obtain the requested item, a note will be placed on your account. Access and view your account. You will need your barcode and PIN to access your account.

How do I request an item?

Check the Westminster Public Library catalog to make sure we do not already own the item. If we do not own the item, please click the appropriate link below to complete the request form, or make a request over the phone (303-658-2604, College Hill | 303-658-2303, Irving Street), or visit the library in person to place a request.

  • To request a book, audiobook, film or music CD, complete this request form. We will process one title per request form.
  • If your request is for a magazine or journal article, select this request form. We will process one title per request form.

Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Is there a charge for borrowing Interlibrary Loan materials?
Westminster Public Library pays the cost for this service and does not charge borrowers for ILL requests.

Can I renew my Interlibrary Loan?
Interlibrary Loan items cannot be renewed out of respect for the lending libraries and their community members.

Is there a limit to the number of requests for Interlibrary Loan?
Borrowers may have up to five items on request or checked out at a time.

How do I know the status of my request?

  • A note will be entered on your Westminster Public Library account indicating that ILL staff has processed your request and is attempting to borrow it from another library. Access notes and view your account. You will need your barcode and PIN to access your account.
  • A note will be entered on your account if the request cannot be filled. Access notes and view your account.
  • Borrower will receive a phone call, text, or an email, depending on the borrower’s predetermined preferences when the ILL is available for pick up. Borrower will then have seven days to pick up the item.

Fees and guidelines

  • For lost or damaged items, the fee is determined by the lending library and borrower may be charged up to $50.00 per item/volume.
  • Do not remove any paperwork attached to ILL items. This paperwork is necessary to ensure that the borrowed item is promptly returned to the correct lending library. Removing the paperwork may result in a lost item and borrower will be charged up to a $50.00 lost fee.
  • A borrower must be in good standing with the Westminster Public Library for requests to be processed.
  • If borrower has overdue ILL items on their account, no further items may be requested and all borrowing privileges will be suspended until the item is returned and/or fees are paid in full.
  • For lost or damaged items, replacement copies are not accepted.
  • Borrower may not request the same item again for 90 days.

Additional information

  • Titles in formats already owned by Westminster Public Library cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Items published or released within the last 12 months cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Many formats are unavailable to request, including LPs, cassette tapes, VHS, e-books, and e-audiobooks.

Staff may suspend or revoke ILL privileges for misuse of ILL services.

Updated: December, 2022 NH/JW