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Strategic Plan

The Westminster City Council uses a strategic planning process to help achieve its long-range vision of a city that is rich in complexity and a community that is desirable as a place of residence or business.

Approximately once per year City Council reviews its vision for the future through a Strategic Plan. The plan defines the City's vision, mission, and principle goals. Each goal is further defined and specific initiatives are identified as priorities for the City Council that help achieve the associated goal.

2022 City of Westminster City Council Strategic Plan 


Westminster is a city of beautiful, safe, well-maintained neighborhoods and destinations with a vibrant, diverse economy, rich and resilient environment, and a strong sense of community and belonging.


Westminster’s purpose is to provide core services and foster economic resilience to give our community the opportunity to thrive.

Guiding Principles
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Enhance and sustain our relationships with neighboring governments and community-based partners, leveraging our collective resources for maximum impact and benefit to Westminster.
  • Stewardship and Thrift: Responsibly manage all of the resources entrusted to our care to meet the needs of today without sacrificing the ability to meet the needs of the future.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Engage in two-way dialogue with the people of Westminster, clearly communicate our intentions and decisions, and take responsibility for all that we do, thereby earning the trust and confidence of the community.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Achieve equitable processes for the people of Westminster by providing opportunity for all voices to be heard and drawing upon community diversity in decision making.
  • Innovate and Initiate: Foster a culture of continuous improvement and approach opportunities and challenges with drive, inventive thinking, and resourcefulness, resulting in a resilient and sustainable future for our city.
  • Prevention and Proactivity: Solve problems at their source and focus the City’s policies, practices, and investments on prevention and community education and addressing root causes, leading to a better quality of life and greater prosperity for all in our community.
Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority 1:  Preparedness and Resilience
Build a system of intentional support for residents, businesses and the environment that mitigates risks and proactively seeks out ways to ensure the community not only endures, but thrives.

Strategic Priority 2: Proactive Public Safety
Enhance public safety to emphasize both prevention and enforcement, engage the community through education and outreach and provide the resources necessary to ensure safety and well-being throughout Westminster.

Strategic Priority 3: Shared Sense of Community
Foster equitable opportunities that help residents feel at home and connected in their community and empowered to live their best lives.

Strategic Priority 4:  Quality of Life
Ensure that Westminster offers a diverse range of amenities and activities for residents, businesses and visitors that honor the city’s history and support the arts, parks, recreation, open spaces, and libraries.

Strategic Priority 5:  Robust Infrastructure
Provide safe and equitable access to core services and amenities by safeguarding, maintaining and improving the city’s water, wastewater, stormwater, mobility and roadway systems.

Revised 2022-2023 Strategic Plan 

Yearend 2023 KPI Report Out

Yearend 2023 Strategic Plan Brief Update


Hired consultants with Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC, facilitated a retreat Saturday, January 29, 2022, and Sunday, January 30, 2022 and a Study Session Strategic Plan workshop on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, that included the revision of the Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Guiding Principles. During the Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Study Session City Council confirmed the adoption of the revised Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Guiding Principles.

City Council and Staff leadership continued to work with the hired consultants to finalize the Strategic Priorities, Objectives, and Performance Measures. On April 25, 2002 City Council adopted the 2022 Strategic Plan in its entirety, including five Strategic Priorities, Objectives, and Focused Objectives related to these priorities. 

For more information on the Strategic Plan, contact the City Manager's Office at 303-658-2004.