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The annual City street sweeping rotation begins in April of each year. We will do our best to remain on schedule, though sweeping schedules can change due weather or equipment issues.

General Street Sweeping Schedule

  • Spring/summer (April through mid-October): Each city street is swept 3-4 times.
  • Fall (mid-October through mid-November):  Our goal is to sweep all of the City streets at least once during this period.  
  • Winter (mid-November through mid-April): Our goal is to sweep within four days after each snowstorm ends, which is in compliance with local guidelines. However, extremely cold weather and/or continuous snowstorms could delay sweeping. We do not sweep residential streets after a snowstorm, however we attempt to sweep all residential streets at least once from mid-March to the end of April.

How You Can Help

  • Please do not rake or blow leaves and/or grass into the street. It is against Westminster Municipal Code 8-11-8D to do so.
  • Trim trees and shrubs to a height of 12 feet above the curb to avoid damaging equipment. The street sweepers will sweep around low hanging branches.
  • Trim shrubs and vegetation back from the curb. The street sweepers will sweep around vegetation that overhangs the curb and is in the gutter area.

If you have any questions about street sweeping, please contact the Street Operations Division at streets@westminsterco.govor 303-658-2501.

Click the following links to see when street sweeping is scheduled for your area: