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The City of Westminster is a home rule city that operates under the council-manager form of government, which was authorized by Westminster citizens in 1958.

Under this form of government, the Westminster City Council serves as the legislative and governing body of the city. Six councillors and the mayor are directly elected to serve at-large and on a nonpartisan basis. Elections are held in November of each odd-numbered year. Councillors and the mayor are elected to a four-year term of office.

A council-manager form of government gives City Manager Mark Freitag the authority to administer the day-to-day operations of the city. The city manager, city attorney and presiding municipal judge are directly appointed by and serve at the pleasure of City Council. The city has about 1,500 employees.

As representatives of the citizens of Westminster, City Council seeks input from all residents on issues affecting them. Whether it's speaking up at a meeting, joining a board or commission, or simply sending an e-mail, citizen input is always welcome.