Please note: Fire Suppression and Fire Alarms permits will no longer be accepted as deferred submittals. These permits must be applied for separately through the Fire Department at the time of building permit application. For questions, please contact the Building Division at 303-658-2075.

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Verification of Lawful Presence for Sole Proprietors Only 

Contemporaneous Review of Electrical Licenses

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 12-23-116, the City of Westminster has established the following procedures for conducting contemporaneous reviews of electrician licenses.  These procedures apply to the inspection of all electrical work required to be performed by State Licensed Electricians. 
Inspections of electrical work will only be conducted when a State Licensed electrician or electrical contractor is listed on the permit.  The City will verify the State Electrical license by accessing the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) website.
City electrical inspectors will request, at their discretion, any of all of the following:
•    Verification of electrical licenses for the electricians working on the job site for compliance with CRS 12-23-105.
•    Verification of apprentices working on the job site for compliance with CRS 12-23-110.5.
•    That the electrical contractor is the same as that listed on the building permit. 
If the inspector is unable to verify the identity or verification of any of the items listed above, the inspector may fail the inspection, at their discretion, until verification can be provided.

Elevator Inspections

All elevator questions, permits and inspections are being handled through the State Division of Oil and Public Safety, 303-318-8536.

Purchasing Materials (Tax Free)

You can present a copy of a building permit when purchasing materials for your permitted project so that the local sales tax will NOT be charged.  Learn more about the Building Permit Use Tax Information


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We are available Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings on a walk-in basis to review plans on residential construction projects and issue permits if the project is approved.