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The City of Westminster enjoys a long history of support for, and interest in, public libraries. In 1919, the Westminster Public Library Association was formed. Books were made available to town residents in a millinery shop. The shop’s owner, Miss Sadie Anderson, can rightfully be called Westminster’s first librarian. Over the next several decades, library services moved from the millinery to a local elementary school to a grocery store to a community church and in 1951, to the then City Hall.

Today's library consists of:

Vision Statement

Westminster Public Library will be the heart of the Westminster community. We will excel in creating meaningful relationships; learning and entertainment opportunities; and locally curated collections, programs, and services. The welcoming staff and beautiful spaces will foster an atmosphere that encourages compassion, support, and innovation.

Mission Statement

Westminster Public Library builds community by connecting people to quality collections, programs, services, staff and spaces, rooted in nature, wellness and literacy.


Our values are defined by SPIRIT (Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork) and RISE (Respect, Inclusivity, Service and Empowerment.)