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Housing Needs Assessment

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Please review the 2023 Westminster Housing Needs Assessment

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What is a Housing Needs Assessment? 

A housing needs assessment (HNA) is a research product that combines demographic data and housing inventory analysis to determine if a city’s housing development decisions are addressing resident needs. The assessment can aid a city in accommodating diverse housing needs by informing strategies and policies to guide housing development. 

Input from a diverse array of voices is needed to help inform the HNA; therefore, public participation is strongly encouraged. 

why does westminster need to conduct a housing needs assessment? 

Cities conduct HNAs to help focus the community’s efforts on its most critical housing issues. Westminster’s most recent HNA was conducted in 2016. Much has changed since 2016, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which ushered in a period of unprecedented rent and home price increases throughout the nation. 

Additionally, City Council adopted its 2040 comprehensive plan in March, which emphasizes the need to foster housing diversity while maintaining each neighborhood’s distinct identity. An updated HNA will be integral to furthering these goals.