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Legislative Action

City of Westminster Legislative Program

The City of Westminster follows legislative activity in the Colorado General Assembly very closely.

Prior to each legislative session, City Council adopts a Legislative Policy Statement (see below) that identifies general issues that significantly impact the City of Westminster, along with the City’s policy principles on these issues. The Legislative Policy Statement is consistent with City Council’s Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives. Using City Council's adopted Legislative Policy Statement as a guide, City staff will review and analyze bills introduced in the Colorado General Assembly that have a potential impact on the city's interests.

2024 Legislative Policy Statement

2024 Lobbying Protocols

Throughout the legislative session, the City takes official positions in support of or opposition to proposed legislation that is being considered by the Colorado General Assembly. The City may also take an amended position on a bill to facilitate greater collaboration, greater negotiating power, and building and maintaining a relationship with a bill sponsor.

Click here for a list of all state legislative bills that the City of Westminster is tracking as part of the 2024 legislative session.

Click here for a list of 2024 Colorado legislation on which the Westminster City Council has taken an official position.


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