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Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture Master Plan LogoArts & Culture Master Plan

Arts and culture play a critical role in communities. They stimulate the economy, spur innovation and beautify cities. Research increasingly points to the role of arts and culture in achieving social priorities—improving quality of life, increasing connections, ensuring wellness, and educating and enlightening citizens.

Through the creation of the Arts & Culture Master Plan, the City of Westminster takes its place among many communities across the world who value a strategic approach to arts and culture initiatives. This plan is the culmination of research, public engagement and input gathered from the local cultural, business, education, philanthropy and arts communities. It is rooted in best practices and the City's vision for future development.

The Westminster Arts & Culture Master Plan is intended to be a flexible road map. This plan outlines a long-term vision and offers recommendations for achieving that vision. It prioritizes leveraging current resources, partnerships and activities to ensure the work is sustainable and fits within other community and City goals.

2023 Progress Report

Using the Vision, Priorities, and Recommendations established in the Arts & Culture Master Plan, the 2023 Progress Report provides a summary of accomplishments to date and next steps that are being undertaken in the implementation of the Arts & Culture Master Plan. The 2023 Progress Report also provides an analysis of the Arts & Culture Master Plan in relation to the City's 2022 Strategic Plan to illustrate areas of alignment.

View the full Arts & Culture Master Plan.