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City Charter

The original charter for the City of Westminster was adopted at a Special Election for the City of Westminster, held on November 7, 1957, and duly filed by the City Clerk with the Secretary of State.

Other amendments to the City Charter have been adopted by the voters as noted.

Chapter I - Name and Boundaries
Chapter II - Municipal Powers
Chapter III - Elections
Chapter IV - Organization of Government
Chapter V - General Provisions Re Officers & Personnel of the City
Chapter VI - Civil Service System
Chapter VII - The Council: Procedure, Miscellaneous Powers & Duties
Chapter VIII - Legislation
Chapter IX - General Finance - Budget, Audit
Chapter X - Taxation
Chapter XI - Borrowing Power
Chapter XI.V - Land Development & Public Improvements
Chapter XII - Improvement Districts
Chapter XIII - Purchases - Contracts - Leases
Chapter XIV - Municipal Utilities
Chapter XV - Public Utility Franchises
Chapter XVI - Municipal Court
Chapter XVII - Miscellaneous
Chapter XVIII - Transitional Provisions