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Ambulance Billing Information

General Information/Inquiries: For general inquiries about their ambulance transport or for ambulance reports, please contact Fire Administration at 303-658-4500.

Ambulance Payments: To pay your ambulance bill, please use contact our ambulance billing provider, Wittman Enterprises at 1-800-906-6552.

Ambulance Collections/Inquiries: For accounts that are in collections, please contact BC Services at 1-866-822-1798.

EMS/Ambulance Fee Schedule: To view our EMS/Ambulance Fee Schedule, click here.

About Us

The Westminster Fire Department is comprised of 153 personnel, both commissioned and civilian. The executive command team includes a fire chief, two deputy chiefs, an EMS chief, fire marshal, training chief, emergency management coordinator, senior management analyst, executive assistant and three shift battalion chiefs to oversee the department. The department responds to over 17,000 calls a year. Nearly 66% of those are medical related. The remainder of calls include responses to fires, alarms, hazardous materials, rescues (water, technical, etc.) and public assists. Response time is typically under six minutes.

You can learn more about our department operations and our statistics in the following reports:

Founded in 1934 as a one-station volunteer department, the Westminster Fire Department has grown substantially and now operates as an all-career, all-hazards fire department utilizing the 48/96 scheduling model. The City of Westminster as a whole has also evolved from its roots as a small farming community on the outskirts of Denver to the city it has become today. Westminster is now a vibrant, dynamic, and affluent city of approximately 114,000 citizens and 30,750 households. With our department's vision to serve as the leader in fire and emergency medical services, we strive to continually improve our operations as identified in our 2024-2028 Strategic Plan.

The Westminster Fire Department has been awarded accredited status through the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). This accreditation demonstrates that Westminster meets or exceeds industry best standard practices. The City of Westminster also achieved Class 1 status through the Insurances Services Office (ISO). This is the highest rating that a city/fire department can attain. Only .04% of fire departments across the United States and Canada have achieved both accredited status as well as an ISO-1 rating. 


To enhance community safety through preparedness, prevention, education, and response.


To SERVE as the leader in fire and emergency medical services.


S.E.R.V.E. - Steadfast. Engaged. Receptive. Visionary. Empathetic.

The Westminster Fire Department:
  • Operates from six fire stations throughout the City of Westminster to quickly respond when needed.
  • Responds to water rescues, hazardous material incidents, technical rescues, and other emergency responses.
  • Offers advanced life support emergency medical and ambulance transport services.
  • Operates with:
    • (8) Ambulances with (3) serving in reserve status
    • (7) Fire Engines with (3) serving in reserve status
    • (3) Trucks with (1) serving in reserve status
    • (1) Heavy Rescue
    • (2) Wildland trucks
    • (1) Dive Van and Boats
    • (1) Utility Terrain Vehicle
  • Prepares for and responds to large scale disasters through the City’s emergency management program, managed by the Fire Department.
    The Westminster Fire Department is made up two divisions including Administrative and Operations and Emergency Services. Both of these divisions are overseen by the Fire Chief. A more in-depth look at our fire departments structure can be seen on our department's organizational chart.

    Administrative Division:
    The Administrative Division oversees Budget Administration, Emergency Management and Preparedness, the Fire Prevention Bureau, and Technical Services.

    Operations and Emergency Services Division:
    The Operations and Emergency Services Division oversees Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Suppression, Training, Special Operations, and Technical Rescue.

    Westminster Fire Administration
    9110 Yates St.
    Westminster, CO 80031

    Office Phone Number: 303-658-4500
    Fax Number: 303-706-3913
    Email: fire@westminsterco.gov

    Emergency Phone Number: 911
    Dispatch (Non-Emergency and After Hours Phone Number): 303-658-4360
    TDD: 303-426-0007

    • Acting Fire Chief Erik Birk: 303-658-4515 ebirk@westminsterco.gov
    • Executive Assistant to Fire Chief Lara Myers: 303-658-4512 lmyers@westminsterco.gov
    • Deputy Chief of Administration Bob Hose: 303-658-4530 bhose@westminsterco.gov
    • Training Chief Dave Maikranz: 303-658-4534 dmaikran@westminsterco.gov
    • EMS Chief Jeromy Hill: 303-658-4532 jhill@westminsterco.gov
    • Fire Marshal Jim Gagliano: 303-658-4545 jgaglian@westminsterco.gov
    • A-Shift Battalion Chief Luke Gearhard: 303-658-4827 lgearhar@westminsterco.gov
    • B-Shift Battalion Chief David Varney: 303-658-4828 dvarney@westminsterco.gov
    • C-Shift Battalion Chief Eric Linnenburger: 303-658-4825 elinnenb@westminsterco.gov
    • Emergency Management Coordinator Greg Moser: 303-658-4550 gmoser@westminsterco.gov
    • Field Training Officer Tracy Post: 303-658-4548 tpost@westminsterco.gov
    • Field Training Officer Brian Timmens: 303-658-4531 btimmens@westminsterco.gov
    • Technical Services Coordinator Rich Welz: 303-658-4533 rwelz@westminsterco.gov
    • Fire Plans Analyst Scott Wimmer: 303-658-4544 swimmer@westminsterco.gov
    • Fire Plans Analyst Sarah Krzanowsky: 303-658-4519 skrzanow@westminsterco.gov
    • Fire Inspector James Maxon: 303-658-4543 jmaxon@westminsterco.gov
    • Fire Inspector: currently vacant
    • Fire Investigator/Inspector Tim Guthrie: 303-658-4540 jguthrie@westminsterco.gov
    • Logistics Officer Brian Hard: 303-658-4514 bhard@westminsterco.gov
    • Senior Management Analyst Scott Maddux: 303-658-4518 smaddux@westminsterco.gov 
    • Public Information Specialist Emily Peek: 303-658-4536 epeek@westminsterco.gov
    • EMS Field Coordinator Rafael Urioste: 303-658-4538 rurioste@westminsterco.gov
    • EMS Field Coordinator Tina Takahashi: 303-658-4535 ttakahas@westminsterco.gov
    • Administrative Technician - EMS Nanette Fernandez: 303-658-4546 nfernand@westminsterco.gov
    • Administrative Technician - Fire Prevention Bureau: 303-658-4511 kehredt@westminsterco.gov
    • Administrative Assistant Anita Seele: 303-658-4541 aseele@westminsterco.gov

    Fire Station 1:  3948 W. 73rd Ave., Westminster, CO 80030 

    Fire Station 2:   9150 Lowell Blvd., Westminster, CO 80031

    Fire Station 3:  7702 W. 90th Ave., Westminster, CO 80021

    Fire Station 4:  4580 W. 112th Ave., Westminster, CO 80031

    Fire Station 5:  10100 Garland St., Westminster, CO 80021

    Fire Station 6:  999 W. 124th Ave., Westminster, CO 80234