Jury Service Information

The jury system is an integral part of the court process in Colorado. The opportunity to serve on a jury allows you to become better informed about your courts and the law. Our citizens’ involvement in this process is essential to the preservation of our justice system. Jury service is also a great way to learn more about the justice system and more specifically what the Westminster Municipal Court is doing to serve the community as part of that larger system. If you have never appeared for jury service before, the dedicated staff at the Municipal Court can walk you through the process upon your arrival, or you can call ahead of time to have any questions answered. Participating in this process is a hands-on way to have a voice in our justice system with a tangible effect within your community.

Your service to your community as a juror will be respected and appreciated by litigants, attorneys, judges, court staff, and the citizens of Westminster. The judges and staff of the Westminster Municipal Court thank you for your service as a juror.


Request for Disqualification

Request to be Excused

Request for Postponement

How long do jury trials last?

Jury trials usually last one day but occasionally go past 6 p.m.

Am I paid for jury service?

The court will pay persons summoned to jury duty a fee of $3.00 and will pay persons selected to serve on the jury a fee of $6.00.(Westminster Municipal Code 1-22-12).

When are trials scheduled?


How do I check to find out if I should report for jury duty on the date I’ve been summoned?

Please call 303-706-3135 after 6:00 pm the night before the appearance date to find out if you are to attend.

How was I chosen for jury service?

We currently utilize a jury wheel list provided to us by the State of Colorado for residents within the City of Westminster boundaries. Jurors are randomly selected by our computerized on-line jury system.

Can I lose my job if I serve as a juror?

Colorado State law protects a juror’s job. (Colorado Revised Statutes 13-71-134).

Attire required in court or for jury service?

Please dress comfortably. Hats are not allowed unless worn for religious purposes. Beachwear, t-shirts, shorts, halter tops, tank tops are not allowed. Thank you.

Will there be breaks?

Multiple breaks will be taken throughout the day, including a longer break for lunch. 

What kind of case will I be a juror on? 

The Westminster MunicipalCourt has jurisdiction over alleged violations of the Westminster MunicipalCode and Colorado Model Traffic Code.  The particular charges will not bemade known to the jurors until the morning of trial if you are called to servefor jury duty.

If I am not selected for jury duty, can I stay and watch the trial?

While our proceedings are open to the public, during COVID-19we are trying to maintain lower numbers in the building to ensure proper socialdistancing.  If you want to observe the proceedings, virtual access intothe courtroom can be made available.

Please call our juror phone line after 6 p.m. the night before you are scheduled for jury duty to confirm if your jury service is still required, or if your summons has been released. That phone number is 303-706-3135. 

Jurors are to arrive at 7:45 a.m. the morning of jury service. Please bring your jury questionnaire with you. If you have not had time to complete before checking in, there will be more time provided to complete it. Once completed, turn it in to the jury clerk that checks you in and you will be provided a juror badge to wear. If you misplace your questionnaire, we can provide you a new one. You will then watch a jury service video from the Chief Justice of Colorado. The clerks will direct you when to move into the courtroom for jury selection. Once in the courtroom, jurors will be called in random order to be screened for jury service. Once a jury is chosen everyone else will be dismissed.  

Each juror that does not serve on a jury will be given $3.00 pursuant to Westminster's Municipal Code. If you would like to donate the money, each year our City Council selects a charitable organization to which the funds will be donated. We can give you that information when you are dismissed. Those chosen for jury service will be sworn in and the judge will guide you throughout the process and can address your questions. Those chosen will receive $6.00, and, again, this money may be donated to the charitable organization.

All entering the Westminster Municipal Court are subject to search for unauthorized or prohibited items or weapons.  Prohibited items include aerosol containers, alcohol, marking pens, chains, concealed or deadly weapons, controlled substances, explosives, glass bottles, handcuffs, handcuff keys, martial arts or illegal weapons, knitting needles, knives, nail clippers, pepper spray, mace or any other type of gas, scissors, tools of any size or type.  At the discretion of the security guards, any items or weapons that pose any harm or danger are prohibited.

Electronic equipment (cell phones, pagers, I-pods, tablets, E-readers, etc.) shall be turned off prior to entering the courtroom and shall remain off except if allowed by the judge. Laptops are allowed by attorneys scheduled for trial. No cameras or recording devices are allowed without prior approval of the judge. 

  • You must be a United States citizen
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must read, speak, and understand English
  • You must not have a physical or mental disability that would prevent your ability to serve as a juror, although reasonable accommodations must be made to permit you to serve as a juror as a result of a physical disability
  • You must not be solely responsible for the daily care of a permanently disabled person living in your home
  • You must live in the City of Westminster
  • You must not have served as a juror in any court within the past 12 months
  • You are not presently scheduled to serve or appear as a juror during the next 12 months

1.  Frequentcleaning of the Courthouse.

2.  Increasedand constant air circulation throughout the building

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