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Library Master Plan

Cover of Library Master Plan

The Westminster Library Master Plan 2017–2021 guides the Library Services Division’s investments and strategies over the coming years, shaping the delivery of services in a manner that is consistent with the city’s and department’s goal. The plan is intended as a general guideline and will be reviewed on a yearly basis for opportunities for revision as economic, social and community factors dictate. It will build on the successes of the 2007 Library Master Plan.

The Library Master Plan was received by City Council on Sept. 11, 2017.

Twenty-first century libraries must be nimble; they must be flexible and innovative with the ability to quickly respond to new challenges and new opportunities as city goals change and evolve. To that end, the master plan identifies five library goals, with accompanying action items, to pursue over the coming years:

Commitment to Literacy
Commitment to Place
Commitment to Partnerships
Commitment to Engagement and Empowerment
Commitment to Outreach


Archive Study

The City of Westminster, Colorado has taken steps to determine the requirements to establish a City Archives and evaluate the requirements and logistics to establish a shared archival facility for a citywide repository for the City of Westminster’s historical collections. The archival study is divided into two phases:

  1. A report that details the quantitative and qualitative information about the City’s archival holdings and their current and future requirements: Preliminary Program of Requirements for the City of Westminster Archives and Appendices.
  2. A report that outlines the requirements and logistics to establish a shared archival facility for the City’s records and the historical collections of community organizations: A Shared Archival Facility for the City of Westminster and Appendices.