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Environmental Advisory Board

As part of their 2017 Strategic Plan Goal of a Beautiful, Desirable, Safe and Environmentally Responsible City, Westminster’s City Council has established an objective of being an active steward, protecting and enhancing natural resources and environmental assets.

The mission of the Environmental Advisory Board is to:

(A) Advise City Council and staff on matters in the community pertaining to solid waste disposal, yard waste recycling, air quality enhancements, hazardous waste management and storm water quality.

(B) Make recommendations to City Council and staff regarding the development of city-wide community and/or neighborhood programs to address long-range recycling and solid waste disposal issues; programs to address grass, tree limb and leaf recycling; programs to address air quality enhancements, such as ground-level ozone programs to address hazardous waste recycling and/or disposal; and to educate the community and serve in an advisory capacity regarding storm water quality programs.

(C) Encourage citizen participation in community recycling efforts and promote public education on the environmental benefits of various community programs, including curbside recycling, Christmas tree recycling, composting, ground level ozone action alerts, wood burning bans and household hazardous waste disposal opportunities.

NOTE: Please see the city calendar for all Environmental Advisory Board meeting dates and changes.

All meetings are open to the public. For more information on the board’s activities, contactBridger Tomlin, 303-658-2662 or btomlin@westminsterco.gov.

Board members:

Linda Allison

Nathan Christianson

Clelia McVay

Jennifer Braun Paliszewski

Maria Rotunda

Chris Stimpson

Michael Fitch 

Jennifer Fugita

Paul Farquhar (Alternate)

Council Liaison:

David DeMott



Council Liaison Alternate:

Obi Ezeadi



Staff Liaison:

Bridger Tomlin