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Become a Westminster Firefighter


The Westminster Fire Department offers a professional work environment with several opportunities to learn, develop, and advance throughout their careers. Westminster Fire is a full-service, municipal fire department and offers a host of career opportunities which include: working in fire line operations, construction plan reviews and permitting, fire safety inspections, public education, emergency management, fire safety training and we also offer opportunities for a wide range of fire special teams including wildland firefighting, hazmat operations, dive rescue and more. 

Individuals that have a solid work ethic, a desire to serve their community, and the ability to operate well with a team are strongly encouraged to consider a career with Westminster Fire. The firefighter position consists of skilled firefighting work in combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires. The firefighter position involves protection of life and property through firefighting and rescue activities and is performed under and evaluated by a company officer. This is a commissioned, safety sensitive position.