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Simms Street Realignment

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What is Happening Now?

The Verve Metropolitan District is realigning Simms St. between the intersections of 112th Ave. and Hwy 128. Work began on October 9 and is expected to continue for 12 months. Detours are in place.

You can view the current detours in the picture below or you can download the pdf version here.

What is the purpose of the project?

The Verve Metropolitan District is phasing the project to reduce the length of time that Simms Street will be closed. The current phase of work (Phase 1) is constructing utilities and roadway for approximately 50% of the new alignment. However, Phase 2 of the project will require the closure of Simms Street between 112th Avenue and Highway 128 for approximately 12 months, with the closure expected to begin Monday, October 9, 2023. 

During the 12-month closure, construction crews will be relocating utilities from the existing Simms Street into the new alignment, as well as undertaking significant grading to connect Simms Street across the Verve Innovation Park between 112th Avenue and Eldorado Boulevard. The extended closure is required due to the necessity of cutting the grade of “Old” Simms Street and re-constructing utilities to tie-in to the section of “New” Simms Street that is being completed in Phase 1. The elevation difference between the “Old” Simms and “New” Simms in this area is at times nearly 20 feet. Grading, utility demolition and construction, demolition and paving, must all be accomplished during this closure where “Old” Simms and “New” Simms overlap.   

The project will provide a connection from "New" Simms Street to "Old" Simms Street, which will be renamed as Callender Way. Callender Way will continue to provide access to businesses at the airport that currently have access from Simms Street. 



W.E. O'Neil is selected as the contractor for the Verve Metropolitan District Project. If you have any questions about construction, please call them at 303.238.7900. You can also send them an email here.


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