Is this a state park?
No. Standley Lake is a regional park. Any fees associated with a state park do not apply at Standley Lake.

Who owns the lake?
Standley Lake Regional Park is owned and operated by the City of Westminster. Westminster, the cities of Thornton and Northglenn and the Farmers Irrigation and Reservoir Company (FRICO) own the water rights.

Is boating allowed on the lake?
Trailered boats are not be permitted on Standley Lake due to increasing concerns of zebra and quagga mussel infestation. Learn more boating and what is allowed on the lake.

Can I walk on top of the dam?
No, the dam is private property and is owned by FRICO (Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company).  

How big is the park?
The lake is about 1,000 surface acres when at capacity. There are about another 2,000 acres of park and open space land surrounding the lake.

How deep is the lake? 
When at capacity, the lake is 96 feet deep at the face of the dam. It holds approximately 42,000 acre-feet of water. That is about 13 billion gallons of water.

Why is swimming not allowed?
Standley Lake is a drinking water supply for three cities, so due to water quality issues, no swimming or wading is allowed.

Is the water safe?
Definitely. The City of Westminster continually monitors water quality throughout the year.

Are the fish safe to eat?
Yes. There is nothing wrong with the fish in Standley Lake, other than they are difficult to catch at times. The Colorado Division of Wildlife routinely stocks the lake throughout the summer, so there is a good turnover rate among the fish in the lake.

Do you have to pay to walk in?
There is no fee to walk, run or ride a bike into Standley Lake Regional Park. There are free parking lots at 86th Parkway and Simms Street and 100th Avenue and Owens Street where people can park and walk into the park. These parking lots are closed and locked at sunset (official MST). There is a $7 fee to drive into the park.

When is the park open?
Standley Lake Regional Park is open year round. The hours during the summer (May 1 to September 30) are sunrise to sunset for walk-in access and 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. for those who drive in. Winter (October 1 to April 30) hours are sunrise to sunset for those who walk in and 7:30 a.m. to one hour before sunset (official MDT) for drive-in access.

Can you fish at night?
No.  Due to current Aquatic Nuisance Species Program regulations, night fishing is not allowed.

When is the paddling and camping season?
The paddling and camping season is May 1 through September 29. The shoreline is available for fishing year-round.

Are jet skis or belly boats allowed?
Due to the intergovernmental agreement between the cities of Westminster, Thornton, and Northglenn, jet skis and belly boats are not allowed on Standley Lake.

Where are the eagles located?
The eagles and their nest are located in the far northwest corner of the park. The park has an eagle blind about 300 yards west of the Nature Center that offers an excellent opportunity to view the eagles. You can also watch them anytime on the live eagle cam. 

Can I walk my paddle craft in, or do I have to come through the main entrance?
Because of the City of Westminster’s Aquatic Nuisance Species Program (ANS), all paddle craft must enter the main entrance and check in at the gate house.  All paddle craft must be sprayed (decontaminated) prior to launching before each use. There is no quarantine on kayaks, paddle boards or canoes (unless on a trailer). When you check in at the gate house, you may purchase a daily paddle pass then staff notifies a ranger to meet you at the spray station to spray your craft (paddle craft must be inflated prior to getting the spray if it is an inflatable). You then will receive a wrist band indicating you have been sprayed. You must have a wrist band to launch your paddle craft. Nothing enters the water without getting sprayed every time it is used on the lake. Also, all paddle craft must come in on top of a vehicle or in the bed or a truck.