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City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office is responsible for the general legal affairs of the City. This office provides legal representation and advice to the City Council, the City Manager, the City's Boards and Commissions, the City Department Heads, and other key City Staff regarding the legal implications of contemplated policy and administrative decisions. The City Attorney's Office also prepares and reviews various ordinances, contracts, and other legal documents, and conducts a variety of legal trainings and other educational programs designed to avoid lawsuits.

The City Prosecutor's Office is a division of the City Attorney's Office. This division is located in the Municipal Court facility and is responsible for the prosecution of all City Code violations in Municipal Court. Although there is no formal division between the two operations, references to the "City Attorney's Office" have come to mean the civil portion of the City Attorney's Office, while references to the "City Prosecutors" have become known to be references to the City Prosecutor's Office.

If you would like to know more about the City Attorney's Office in general, or the City Prosecutor's division in particular, please contact either division at the numbers below.

Civil Division:
4800 W. 92nd Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031
Telephone: 303-658-2231
FAX: 303-706-3920
Prosecution Division:
3030 Turnpike Drive
Westminster, CO 80030
Telephone: 303-658-2262
FAX: 303-487-9689


David Frankel, City Attorney, 303-658-2231