New bicycle lanes to be added along Simms Street

The city maintains 1,135 miles of streets to support the quality of life of residents, support the local economy and reduce long-term costs. Simms Street is being resurfaced this year to provide a smooth driving surface.

As part of this work (the city’s Bicycle Master Plan and current development of the Transportation & Mobility Plan) new bike facilities will be added to Simms Street between 100th Avenue and Westmoor Drive at the end of July or early August:

  • One northbound lane between 100th Avenue and Countryside Drive will be repurposed for a new northbound bike lane.
  • A bike lane will also be added to southbound Simms Street between Countryside Drive and 100th Avenue.
  • Shared bike lanes will also be added along northbound and southbound Simms St between Countryside Drive and Westmoor Drive. 
  • In addition to the new bike lanes, left turn lanes will be added to southbound Simms Street to provide access to 105th Drive, 103rd Avenue and 101st Avenue.
  • All existing right turn lanes along the corridor will remain.

The bike lanes provide a safer and more connected option for bicyclists traveling between neighborhoods and trails and to other destinations, as well as increase driver awareness of bicyclists traveling along the street. To ensure the safety of bicyclists and drivers, drivers are required by law to maintain a minimum three foot buffer when passing a bicyclist.

Residents nearby will be notified by road signage and a postcard of this change.