A bicycle is an excellent way to get around Westminster and the region. The city promotes bicycling as an environmentally friendly form of travel - it is a key element of the city’s Strategic Plan to increase ease of mobility and promote sustainability. Every person who is on a bike takes up less room on the street, reduces congestion, decreases parking demand and decreases air pollution. Bicycling also supports both individual and public health goals of promoting healthy exercise. 

With over 180 miles of bicycle and trail facilities, bicyclists can travel around Westminster as well as access regional trails. 

Commuting Solutions has interactive bicycle map to help you get around Westminster and the front range area by bike and bus.

Bicycle Master Plan 

In 2010 the City conducted a comprehensive analysis of the City’s bicycle facilities and infrastructure, resulting in the development of the 2030 Bicycle Master Plan*. The plan is intended to guide the City in fostering bicycling as a viable, safe, and sustainable form of transportation and recreation. Following the plan completion, a number of bicycle facilities have been implemented throughout Westminster, most in coordination with roadway pavement improvement projects. Learn more about our commitment to become a bicycle-friendly community as we continue to expand bicycle facilities identified in the 2030 Westminster bicycle master plan*:

*Westminster's transportation & mobility plan (TMP), completed in 2021, replaced the 2023 Bicycle Master Plan. Key components of the Bicycle Master Plan were incorporated in the TMP.