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Resident Resources & Rebates

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There are many ways you can save money, live a healthy lifestyle, and protect your favorite natural places!

Join your neighbors in making Westminster a desirable place to live and play through accessing the variety of resources below. In each section, you'll find tips and links that provide information to simplify the adoption of actions, and in some cases, offer rebates and financing.  

FREE Home Energy Squad Assessments

Start your journey toward lower energy bills and a more efficient home. Westminster residents can choose between a no-cost Home Energy Squad visit (normally $50) or upgrade to a $100 Home Energy Squad Plus visit (normally $150).

A standard visit includes installation of energy-saving equipment like LED bulbs, energy-efficient showerheads, a programmable thermostat, and faucet aerators.
Want more savings? Upgrade to a plus visit, which adds:

  • Inspection of home exterior, insulation and mechanical systems
  • Air leak analysis with a Blower-Door diagnostic test
  • Combustion safety test
  • Carbon monoxide check
  • Infrared imaging and analysis

Schedule your visit today! If you sign-up online, use the promo code Westminster2022 for a free standard visit or for $50 off a plus visit. Or call 303-446-7910 to schedule and your $50 rebate will be applied upon completion of visit. File:Xcel-energy.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Only residents of Westminster qualify for this promotion and the assessment must be completed at a Westminster address. 

I want to improve my: 

Save money and increase the comfort of your home through the following actions and associated programs available to Westminster residents.

  1. Light USavings: Switch to LED light bulbs and ENERGYSTAR certified appliances and equipment and access Xcel Energy residential programs and rebatesand assistance to lower energy costs

  2. Be Energy SmartConduct an energy audit on your home to find areas to save energy through a Xcel Home Energy Audit.
    • Quick win: Set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter and 72 degrees in the summer for optimal comfort and cost-savings! 

  3. Energy Independence!: Save money through selecting renewable sources through the opportunities to install, subscribe, and get solar and wind energy. Explore the opportunities to go renewable 

  4. Build Smart, Cheaply: Thinking about large home upgrades and enhancements, but concerned about the upfront cost? Check out the Colorado Residential Energy Upgrade Loan to access low cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy installations.

  5. Electrify!: Switching your cooking equipment and heating/cooling systems to electric versions can make your home more comfortable and healthier. For example, consider swapping your furnace with a high-efficiency heat pump. Using clean, renewable electricity, electric heat pumps can provide both heating (space and water) and cooling. Learn more about how going electric can benefit you here.

Save money through reducing your consumption and dispose of used materials responsibly to protect our natural resources.

  1. Waste 101: Access City information and resources on trash and recycling collection, large item pick-up, hazardous waste, and more.

  2. Recycle Responsibly: This Hard to Recycle Guide can help you keep materials out of landfills, prevent poisons from entering our soil and water, and preserve natural resources.

  3. Be a Compost King or Queen: Repurpose food waste and other organic material to improve plant growth and reduce methane emissions from landfills. Learn how to start a compost pick-up service or backyard bin here.

  4. Reduce and Reuse: Join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-your favorite pair of jeans have shared so many memories with you…why not share more? Proper care and maintenance of your products can save you money and extends the life of the items you already love.
    1. When going shopping, ask yourself: Is that new item going to make you happier? Improve your life? If so, go for it! If not, keep adding to the story and life of what you already have.
    2. Donate used items to Goodwill, ARC, or a thrift store.
    3. Use reusable products like water bottles and grocery bags to reduce spending and waste.

Increase the beauty of your lawn and save money through efficient watering, wise planting, and responsible tree and organic waste management.

Be Water Wise: Take advantage of Westminster’s suite of water conservation resources and programs that include free sprinkler assessments, irrigation audits, and xeriscape planting resources.

Clean Cuts: Use Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment 
  • Use an electric lawn mower and earn a rebate through the Mow Down Pollution program 
  • Switch other lawn and garden equipment from gas to electric power! 
  • Refrain from mowing your lawn until after 5:00 p.m. 

Be an Urban Forester: You play major part in growing a healthy urban forest that provides shade and offers crucial the mental and ecosystem services. Learn about City resources that help you plant and take care of your trees here and specific tree planting programs and the best practices below:

Branch Out: Compost your tree branches and other yard wasteResidents are encouraged to recycle their tree limbs to reduce landfill use and provide valuable mulch. Limb chipping and free mulch are available. Learn more about Tree Limb Recycling below:
  • Location - 10001 Alkire St. 
  • Open year-round on the second Saturday of the month, 8 a.m. to noon.
  • Free for Westminster residentsPlease bring proof of Westminster residency (e.g. driver's license, Colorado I.D., utility bill, rent receipt or mortgage statement) No contractors.
  • What can you bringTree limbs can be any length, but must be less than 20 inches in diameter. Loads must be covered or tied down. Shrubs are allowed if the root ball has been removed. No construction materials, bags of leaves or grass clippings.
  • Mulch: Free mulch is available ONLY on the second Saturday of the month while the supply lasts. Call 303-658-2192 for mulch availability. Mulch can be self-loaded into your containers, or staff can load mulch into the back of your pickup. The city is not liable for any vehicle damages while loading mulch.
  • ContactAmanda Schreck, 303-658-2192 Or aschreck@westminsterco.gov

Buses, Bikes, and AutomobilesHow you get around can have a big impact on your budget, health, and air quality.

  1. Find a Better Commute: Plan out your trip to work or school and discover routes, pools and other options through My Way To Go.
    • Easy Win: Their commute tool is a one-stop shop for reviewing your commute options. By entering your home address and work location, you’ll be able to find potential carpool partners, vanpools, likely transit options, and possible biking or walking routes. 

  2. EVerybody's Going Electric: Check-out resources, incentives, and programs on electric vehicles 

  3. Know the Road Ahead: Stay up to date with the City’s transportation and mobility resources and programs. Connect with regional transportation and commuting resources Smart Commute Metro North and Commuting Solutions
    • Easy Win: Combine multiple errands into one vehicle trip.

  4. Hop on Board!: Take the local or regional RTD bus or train service to your destination
    • Easy Win: Take the train or Flatiron Flyer to downtown Denver to avoid driving hassles and parking challenges. Bypass potential traffic to get to your sports event, concert, or meal reservation!

  5. Wheely Good Time: Biking to your destination can save you money on gas and parking as well as help you stay physically active. Check out Commuting Solution’s interactive map of bike paths and routes to plan your trip.

Getting outside and enjoying our natural playground is a great pleasure and privilege. Please help out to preserve and protect our open spaces and natural environment!

  1. Clean Water: Learn how you can help the City maintain our great water quality and reduce pollutants in our stormwaterstormwater
    • Easy win: Don’t dump hazardous waste materials into the storm drains.  If you see a spill of unknown material or containers of unknown liquid, call the city at 303-658-4360.

  2. Know Before You Go: Learn about all the great walking, running, and biking trails and routes and check-out the Parks and Open Space in Westminster and the surrounding area.
  3. Grow for Good: Apply your green thumb and help grow local food through participating in the City's Community Gardens

A vibrant, resilient community is a foundational part of sustainability. Westminster has a number of activities to assist residents and neighborhoods. 

  1. Improve your Neighborhood with the Neighborhood Sustainability Services Program: CLOSED FOR 2023 The City is excited to help your Neighborhood (HOA, organized neighborhood, or manufactured home community) save money, time, and natural resources through enhancing your common spaces! The Neighborhood Sustainability Services Program can connect you with high-impact services and programs. Through this program, City staff will work with your neighborhood to identify and complete sustainability related projects, upgrades, events, and general enhancements that benefit your community. Up to $2,000 is available to help fund your project! Learn more and apply here! 
  2. Enhance and Beautify: Have a great project or idea to improve your neighborhood’s look and feel? Apply for the Neighborhood Landscape Enhancement Grant

  3. Share Your Voice: Join the Environmental Advisory Boardprovide input on City on goings and help shape the programs, resources, and events for residents and the community.

  4. Affordable Housing: Learn about the Affordable Housingg programs and resources offered to residents.

  5. Boosted by Benefits: Learn about low or no cost programs available to residents at the Westy Live BetterWesty Live Better

  6. Healthy Living and Eating:
    • Healthy Westminster: access City programs that help you live a healthy, healthy, and active lifestyle
    • Nourish Colorado works to reshape the food system by shifting the food supply chain into a true food value chain. 

  7. Explore The City: 
    • Protect the Past: Learn about Westminster’s unique history and learn about the City’s Historic Preservation Program that was established to protect local historic landmarks.
    • Paint the Urban Canvas: The City’s Public Art Program maintains over 100 ore than 100 individual works of art contribute to the overall program, ranging from larger-than-life cast bronzes to kinetic "wind sculpture"

Learn about income-qualified energy efficiency resources here

This guide to will help you understand income-qualified programs and how to connect your eligible household with energy efficiency resources.

Access new tax credits and rebates to help save you money and increase home comfort!

  1. Understand how you can benefit with Xcel Energy's guide to the Inflation Reduction Act 

  2. Explore Financial Incentives (Tax Credits and Rebates)

  3. See an overview of the tax credits and rebates here

The City will post more information here as it develops!

Looking for advice on home energy saving projects and upgrades?

"Ask the Expert" is your go-to resource for the latest advice from ENERGY STAR experts on saving energy at home and work.

Breathe Easy with HVAC Care and Upgrades

Change Your Air Filter

Did you know a dirty filter will slow down air flow and waste energy by making the system work harder to keep you cool? Get your home ready for the spring season by checking the status of your HVAC air filter. Filters should be checked every month, and changed at least every three months, or whenever the filter looks dirty. Learn more here.

Get an HVAC Tune-Up

Just as a tune-up of your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your cooling equipment can improve efficiency and comfort. The contractor will inspect refrigerant levels, clean and adjust blower components, and clean evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils. Learn how here.

HVAC Equipment Replacement 

If your cooling equipment is more than 10 years old or needs frequent repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement. Consider replacing your traditional HVAC equipment with an ENERGY STAR certified HVAC system or an ENERGYSTAR certified air source heat pump (ASHP). ASHPs are not only more efficient than furnaces or boilers, but they serve double duty with heating and cooling, making this investment usable year-round.

An ENERGY STAR certified ASHP is an important part of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade—a set of six energy efficiency improvements you can make in your home that will work together to save energy, improve comfort, and prepare you for the clean energy future. Visit the “Clean Heating and Cooling” section of the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade to learn how to navigate an HVAC equipment replacement, with information on symptoms for replacement, ENERGY STAR certified equipment options and installation guidance, and a savings calculator. 

Tax Credits for a Zero Energy Ready Home

Save your Ash! 

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is confirmed in Westminster. NOW is the time to act to save your valuable ash tree! Here's how:

  1. Determine if you have an ash tree

  2. Decide if your ash tree can be saved

  3. Identify treatment or removal options

  4. Treat and create a treatment cycle for the future! 

Learn more about the EAB and what how to save your trees!