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Artistic Traffic Box Wraps

In late 2022, City staff identified funding for the installation of fifteen artistic traffic box wraps. City staff established a partnership with Westminster Public Schools that resulted in the creation of vibrant works of art to be included in this project. The works of art that have been selected exhibit the skill and passion of these young, emerging artists who are all students of the Westminster Public School system. 

As the project with Westminster Public Schools was nearing completion, students from the 5th Grade class at Witt Elementary School asked to create an artistic traffic box wrap near their school as a way to remember Witt Elementary as it is being closed in 2023. This artwork was the result of a team of students working together to identify a theme that best represents their school and the legacy of their time at Witt Elementary. This artwork is also included in the document below.

Artistic Traffic Box Wraps - Final Selections