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Big Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility Solids Dewatering Project

Aerial photo of dewatering facilityThe city’s Big Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility (BDCWWTF), located at 132nd Avenue and Huron Street, treats an average of 7 million gallons of wastewater per day from the northern two-thirds of the city. The biosolids by-product produced during the treatment process is stabilized, thickened and beneficially utilized as a soil supplement and fertilizer on permitted farms fields in the eastern part of Colorado.

The city has recently completed construction of a new dewatering facility on the BDCWWTF campus to replace aging equipment and improve the efficiency of the overall solids management program, resulting in more efficient plant operations, reduced truck traffic and improved farm operations.

The project recently earned the Envision Bronze Award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).  In a statement from ISI on this award, "The purpose of Envision® is to foster a dramatic and necessary improvement in the sustainable performance and resiliency of infrastructure. Your significant achievement indicates that the Westminster BDCWWTF Solids Dewatering and Campus Wide Improvements project has gone above and beyond to deliver improvements in the social, economic, and environmental conditions of its community."

Project Details

As of November 1, 2020, the construction, testing and start-up operations of the new $23 million dewatering facility and other campus-wide improvements have been completed.  Residents should notice that truck traffic to and from the site has decreased due to the completion of construction and the operation of the new improvements.  


For general questions, concerns or comments, please contact the city’s Project Manager Kent Brugler at 303-658-2196, or kbrugler@westminsterco.gov. Thank you for your patience during this capital improvement project. We look forward to maintaining a high-level of service now and into the future.