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Permanent Stormwater Quality Structures

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  Permanent stormwater-quality structures are designed to help reduce flood risk and improve water quality by providing drainage and natural filtration for stormwater runoff.

Structure types include:  

-Low-impact development technologies such as rain gardens 

-Detention and retention ponds and basins 

-Underground storage systems, such as Stormceptor© vaults 



Structure Maintenance 

The City of Westminster implements planning procedures and enforcement mechanisms to reduce stormwater impacts as a result of new development or significant redevelopment with its Post-Construction Compliance Program. 

Private stormwater treatment facilities and permanent stormwater-quality structures must be properly installed and maintained. The City of Westminster’s Engineering Division works directly with developers, homeowners’ associations (HOAs), private property managers, and commercial property owners to achieve this goal. Long-term maintenance of drainage structures is needed to ensure systems continue to function as designed and prevent flooding, erosion, and water quality degradation. 

Owners are required to inspect and maintain these stormwater treatment facilities. Inspections and repairs must be documented and available upon request. Additionally, businesses operating on the property are not allowed to discharge anything but naturally occurring stormwater runoff into the stormwater system. This includes preventing materials stored outside from leaking, draining, spilling or being dumped into the stormwater system.