Today more than 70% of 911 calls come from mobile devices. 

Smart 911 allows for individuals to go online and create a Safety Profile for any cell, landline, or VOIP phone in their household.

Citizens control their own profiles, which are only available to 911 operators. The information can only be accessed when you call 911.

Citizens can put as much or as little info into their profile as they want:

  • Vital personal information, household and medical information.
  • Photos, descriptions, vehicles, pets.
  • Emergency contacts, disabilities, medications.

Participation is completely voluntary. The system is secure and free of charge. 

Available to agencies in Jefferson County including the Adams County portions of Arvada and Westminster.

All of your information is housed on Rave Mobile Safety data bases, it is not part of any 911 data base and totally unrelated to the emergency notification system, and you can still use 911 if you choose not to participate.

When the situation is chaotic, you are under stress, the information is already there, but anything you give verbally to the dispatcher will supersede the profile.

Smart 911 will send you an e-mail every 6 months to update your information, if you don't they will call you, if you still don't update/verify information, the profile will not be made available if you call 911. You can log onto your profile at anytime to change any of your information.

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