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Continuing Disclosure Report

The financial reports and statements of the City of Westminster contained on the city's web pages are historical information that presents the city's financial position as of their particular date. Such documents are provided to the public for general informational purposes only as of the dates indicated and viewers must understand the historic nature of such documents. The city assumes no obligation to update these financial reports and statements and cautions the viewer that events material to the city's financial position may have occurred since the date of such information. Each financial report and statement is subject to change at the sole discretion of the city and without notice.

The information contained on the city's web pages has not been prepared to give information for making decisions on buying or selling securities and should not be relied upon by any investors in making investment decisions. With respect to any bonds, notes or other obligations of the city, please refer to the city's related official statement or its continuing disclosure filings with nationally recognized municipal securities information repositories and with the municipal securities rulemaking board. The electronic versions of the reports and statements contained on the city's web pages are not intended for use in any official statement and may not be included by any other party as part of an official statement.

The city has taken reasonable security measures to protect the integrity of its website and information posted thereon. However, no website can fully ensure against infiltration. Absent any unauthorized act that deletes, edits or somehow manipulates the words or data in the financial reports and statements, such financial reports and statements are true and correct as of their date.

By proceeding to the information that follows this page, each viewer shall be deemed to acknowledge that he or she agrees to and understands the above.