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Parks, Recreation & Libraries Vision Plan

The City of Westminster is initiating a system-wide Vision Plan for the Parks, Recreation & Libraries (PRL) Department. The Vision Plan will be used to guide PRL's future direction, identify the culture and values of the community, analyze current strengths and weaknesses, guide PRL development, set priorities, and aid in fiscal planning. The scope includes facilities, services, and programming to meet the community’s future needs and provide a framework for future investments. 

Get Involved!

  • Host a small group discussion with a Meeting in A Box. This kit contains instructions and activities for residents to host their own small group meeting and provide feedback on the future of PRL. Email to request one to be sent to you.
  • Explore parks, open space, and trail opportunities using our online mapper 
  • Sign up for The Westy to be notified of future Vision Plan engagement opportunities.
  • Email your thoughts and suggestions to

What we've heard so far

Plan Themes:

The City recently completed its first Sustainability Plan and adopted the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. These interdisciplinary plans introduce concepts relative to health, wellness, neighborhoods, natural resources, and the environment. The PRL Vision Plan will complement and build upon the overarching concepts from these citywide plans to develop a future vision for the City’s PRL facilities, programs, and services. Both plans use a shared system of cross-cutting themes to relate plan concepts, and these are intended to help organize discussion topics for the PRL Vision Plan:

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Education & Literacy: This vision should support opportunities for lifelong learning, workforce development, and personal growth.

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Equity: The Vision should support access to all forms of community programs and services, as well as engagement opportunities.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness: The Vision should emphasize the interrelationship between the built environment and public health for people of all ages and abilities.


Climate: The Vision should support reduced greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of future weather extremes.

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Resilience: The Vision should support the resilience of municipal operations, residents’ lives, and businesses’ ability to prepare for and thrive when change occurs.

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Safety: The Vision should support improved safety for residents and businesses.

Plan Outline:

An outline of the proposed Plan contents was presented to City Council on December 11, 2023.

Plan Timeline:

The process is expected to last through 2024 and will encompass four general planning phases:


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