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The Federal Boulevard Multimodal Transportation Study was completed in December 2021. It was a collaboration between Adams County, the City of Federal Heights and the City of Westminster, and included significant input from the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The study focused on creating a community-supported vision for multimodal transportation along Federal Boulevard from 52 nd Avenue (the Adams County/Denver City and County border) to 120 th Avenue. As the communities adjacent to Federal Boulevard continue to thrive and expand, the roadway will be challenged to move more people, more efficiently.

The final project report is available – click here to read it.

to read the appendices for the report, use the links below

Appendix A: Public Involvement
Appendix B: Needs and Conditions Report
Appendix C: Development of Recommendations
Appendix D: Technical Analyses Memorandum
Appendix E: Detailed Recommendations and Cost Estimates
Appendix F: CDOT Repaving Project


This project is a partnership of your local governments to address the challenges of safety for all users, the volume and speed of vehicular traffic, inconsistent pedestrian and bike facilities, limited connectivity to trails and first and final mile destinations, and need for improved transit service and amenities.

The process is engaging community members and stakeholders to develop recommendations to improve safety, functionality, and options to travel along and to Federal Boulevard. The study will identify opportunities that may include lighting, crosswalks, intersection and vehicle lane modifications, higher frequency bus service, transit amenities to provide protected waiting areas, and enhanced connections or wayfinding to trails and on-street bike lanes.
The role of Federal Boulevard as a 20-mile long roadway stretching from the City of Westminster to Littleton is evolving. In addition to regional population growth and employment growth, changing demographics are creating needs and demands for mobility and services. The corridor has a high rate of crashes, areas of vehicular congestion, missing sidewalks, and large gaps in traffic signal spacing. These numerous issues create challenges to cross the corridor safely. 

Stakeholder Working Group Meetings

As part of the outreach for the project stakeholder working groups provided technical and community feedback, set goals, and help inform the project. The presentations shared in the meetings are available below.


The Federal Boulevard Multimodal Study was completed in two phases over the course of two years. The study area is an eight mile corridor within the three jurisdictions from 52nd Avenue to 120th Avenue. The streets, trails and transit systems connect to the corridor were integral considerations in understanding how people travel.

Phase 1 identified the vision and context for the project. This focused on critical themes such as creating a sense of place, connectivity, safety and economic vitality. The critical element of this phase was to conduct initial stakeholder and public engagement, evaluate previous plans and studies related to the corridor, and produce the Needs and Conditions Report which is available above.

Phase 2 will develop, evaluate, and identify a recommended set of multimodal infrastructure improvements. Future funding to implement recommendations may come from local government partnerships, the Regional Transportation District (RTD), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), or others.




In an effort to reach community members as inclusively and effectively as possible, the project engaged the community through a variety of ways. Some of the outreach included: the development of an online public meeting, community questionnaires, local business outreach, reliance on designated community ambassadors, and much more.

The results of this study will support the City of Westminster's  Transportation & Mobility Master Plan, Adams County  Transportation Plan, and the City of Federal Heights planning efforts.