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Every two years, the City conducts a community survey to measure residents’ satisfaction levels with City services and gather opinions on specific policy questions. The survey is first sent to randomly selected Westminster residents before opening to all Westminster residents online. All responses are completely confidential.

The City contracts with an independent, external firm to create the survey and to promote scientific validity. The questions are designed to collect trend data on how Westminster residents rate the quality of City services and the community as a whole, as well as their awareness of the City’s communication mediums, and their opinions on certain policies or proposed policy changes.

The survey results, in conjunction with the City’s performance measurement outcomes, are used by City Council and City staff to analyze the effectiveness, responsiveness, and value of City services. 

2022 Survey is Closed

  • 4,000 randomly selected residents received the Westminster Community Survey in April. A member of the household, over the age of 18, was asked to complete the survey—either through the specified web link or by completing the paper survey and returning it in the pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope. 
  • All Westminster residents had the opportunity to complete an online version of the survey. The online survey was available until 5 p.m. on Friday, June 24.Results for 2022 can be viewed at the links below:

2022 Survey Results

Timeline (subject to modification)

  • January-March: Survey development and review 
  • March 7: Westminster City Council provided feedback on the survey at the March 7, 2022 Study Session (webcast | agenda item
  • March 21: The final survey and redline edits were shared with Westminster City Council as an information only item at the March 21, 2022 Study Session (agenda item
  • April 6-8: Surveys mailed to random Westminster residents by independent firm 
  • April 18-23: Surveys expected to arrive in Westminster mailboxes 
  • May/June: Online survey for general public available after the independent consultant receives a sufficient response to the mailed survey 
  • June: Data compilation and reporting by independent firm 
  • Mid-Summer: Final report available and presented to City Council 

Frequently Asked Questions

The survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete.
There are 45 questions. Many questions allow responses to a number of issues on a topic.
At least 4,000 surveys will be sent to random residents in 2022. This is an increase from 3,000 in 2020. The increase is in response to a national decline in response rates to mailed surveys. The independent firm will ensure a sufficient number of surveys are received to provide data within generally accepted confidence intervals.
The same questions are asked in in both surveys. The mailed survey is random and provides statistically valid results. The public survey on the internet is available to all residents who wish to participate. Since it is not randomized, the results are not statistically valid; however, Staff and Council review the results from both surveys and all input is valued and considered.
The online survey is available in English and Spanish. The letter mailed with the survey is in English and Spanish and contains instructions for individuals that wish to utilize the Spanish version. View the letter from Westminster City Council to randomly selected residents..