Parking Citations 

Westminster Parking and Curbside Management administers all parking citations effective February 14, 2023 . For questions and concerns regarding parking citations please contact us at 303-658-2435 or

Pay a parking citation  

Effective February 14, 2023, the City of Westminster will issue civil administrative citations for all parking violations in the city of Westminster. If you received a citation prior to February 14, 2023, please look closely at your citation to determine the issuing authority and follow the instructions to address it. 

Available citation payment options 

  • Online - visit
  • In-person: Westminster City Hall. Email to schedule an appointment and discuss accepted forms of payment
  • Mail payment and citation to:

City of Westminster
P.O. Box 747

Westminster, CO 80036

Here are a few examples of common civil parking citations:

  • Vehicle Parked on Street Not Displaying Valid License
  • Vehicle Parked/Stopped on Bike Lane/Path, in Fire Lane, or Where Prohibited
  • Vehicle Parked on a Two-way Road More than 12" from the Curb
  • Vehicle Parked Blocking a Driveway
  • Parking in an ADA-reserved parking space without an ADA placard or plate 
  • Vehicle Parked in the Wrong Direction 
  • Vehicle Parked Where Prohibited by Sign 
  • Abandoned Vehicle on Private or Public Property 
  • Parked on Public Right of Way Curb and Sidewalk 
  • Boat/Mobile Home/Truck Trailer/Semi tractor parked on the street within a residential district 
  • Parking in a restricted area: "Loading or No Parking Zone"
  • Exceeding limited-time parking 
  • Non-payment while parked in a paid parking zone

Citation Cost

Most parking violations are $33 but can be more depending on the type of violation. Violations must be paid or appealed within 21 days of issuance. After that 21-day period, additional fees apply.


The City of Westminster uses two types of immobilization devices: the barnacle and the traditional parking boot.

Call 720-263-9120 or go to PAY.BARNACLEPARKING.COM to release the barnacle device from your vehicle.

The device securely attaches to the vehicle’s windshield using 1,000 pounds of force.

Call 303-658-2435 for assistance to remove a boot from your vehicle after all pending citations have been paid.

Once a vehicle has three (3) or more outstanding parking violations, it is eligible for immobilization and the owner will be issued a notice of immobilization. The owner may dispute the validity of the notice within 21 days and ask for a review.

How to dispute a parking citation 

Step 1 – Administrative Review

The first step in disputing a parking citation is an administrative review. This review is intended to screen citations issued by error where the respondent is not at fault. If you feel you were issued an invalid citation, you can dispute the citation online or by mail.

Send your written dispute and supporting documents to:
Parking & Curbside Management
P.O. Box 747.
Westminster, CO 80036

Step 2 – Administrative Hearing

If your citation is not dismissed in step 1 and you wish to contest the result of the administrative review, you can request a hearing with an Administrative Hearing Officer. All rulings by administrative hearing officers are final. To schedule a hearing call 303-658-2435 or email us at