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Development Review Guide

Xcel Energy Design Assistance Program

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Public Improvement Fees Effective April 15, 2024

  • Public Land Dedication (collected at time of plat)
  • Park Development (collected at time of building permit)
  • Public Art (collected at time of recordation)
  • School Land Dedication (collected prior to issuance of notice to proceed for public improvements or at time of final plat)
  • Surety (collected prior to issuance of building permit)


Request to create a Planned Unit Development zoning document called a Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) or/and an Official Development Plan (ODP) for your property or make changes to those already existing documents. 

The Planning division has different submittal requirements, sheet templates, and review fees for each tier of PDP and ODP applications.  Contact the Planning division to speak with staff to determine which tier is appropriate for your application.   

Preliminary Development Plans

Tier 1

PDP Submittal Requirements 

Tier 2

PDP Submittal Requirements 

Tiers 1 & 2

PDP Sheet Template - Adams County

PDP Sheet Template - Jefferson County

PDP CAD Sheet Template - Adams County

PDP CAD Sheet Template - Jefferson County

Official Development Plans

ODP Waiver Requirements

Tier 1

ODP Submittal Requirements

ODP Submittal Requirements - Downtown 

ODP Sheet Template - Adams County

ODP Sheet Template - Jefferson County

ODP Sheet Template - Downtown 

ODP CAD Sheet Template - Adams County

ODP CAD Sheet Template - Jefferson County

ODP CAD Sheet Template - Downtown

Tier 2

ODP Submittal Requirements

ODP Sheet Template - Adams County

ODP Sheet Template - Jefferson County  

ODP CAD Sheet Template - Adams County

ODP CAD Sheet Template - Jefferson County  

Tier 3

ODP Submittal Requirements 

ODP Sheet Template 

Supporting Documents

Statement of Authority

Owner Authorization Letter 

Design guidelines are tools the city uses to provide minimum design criteria for all development types within the City of Westminster. These guidelines are intended to result in the enhancement of the city's image to establish a level of quality, good design and a cohesive and consistent design character.

Traditional Mixed Use Neighborhood District 

Retail Commercial

Multi-family Residential

Single Family Attached

Single Family Detached 

Senior Housing

Landscape Standards

Landscape Regulations  

List of Recommended and Prohibited Plants

Recommended Storm Basin Seed Mixes

Recommended Rain Garden Seed Mix 

Tree Preservation Specifications

Hydrozone Irrigation Guidelines

Public hearings are required for the following items:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments 
  • Rezonings
  • Property Annexation
  • Developments over 10 acres in size
  • Special Uses 
  • Variances
  • Preliminary Development Plan amendments that add a land use 

Public Hearing Process and Requirements 

Public Hearing Process and Requirements

Certification of Neighborhood Notification for Public Hearing Form 

VIRTUAL Project Meeting and Mailer Information

Example of Neighborhood Meeting Notice 

Project Informational Mailer Example

Certification of Neighborhood Meeting Form  

Public Hearing Notice Sign Templates

City Council Sign Template

Planning Commission Sign Template

Variance Sign Template

Concept Plan Review Template

Request to change a land use designation within the city's long range vision for growth.  For example, requesting to change your property from commercial to residential.  

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application Packet

Request to incorporate new territory into the City limits for development or to have the City provide services like water and sewer.  

Annexation Submittal Requirements

Annexation Petition 

Affidavit or Circulator


Request to change a property's allowed land uses.  For example, requesting to change a property from Open District to Commercial. 

Rezoning Application

Engineering Formal Submittal Requirements

Please click here to learn more about the construction compliance program.

The Engineering Division provides technical assistance to the planning process and requires the following information to accompany all Official Development Plan submittals:

  • Drainage report (or conformance letter if part of an overall development)
  • Utility report (or conformance letter if part of an overall development)
  • Traffic report or proposed traffic counts, depending on the size and  type of development
  • Preliminary grading and drainage plan 
  • Utility layout, including water and sewer service locations (sizes of service lines should not be included) 
  • Existing and proposed lot lines and easements shown as needed
  • Vacation Encroachment Application

The following items are required with all Land Disturbance Permits:

  • Construction Drawings 24" x 36" (All construction drawings sets shall include the following as needed):
    • Erosion Control
    • Detailed Grading Plan
    • Overall Utility Plan
    • Street Plan/Profile
    • Utility Plan/Profile (water, sanitary, storm, reclaim) as needed
    • Detail Sheets(s)
  • Final Plat
  • Phase III Drainage Report
  • Storm Water Management Permit
  • Soils Report

Agreements/Fees/Possible other obligations (required prior to CD approval):

  • Rights-of-way/Easement Dedication Descriptions
  • Public Improvements Agreement (PIA) with cost estimate (required prior to CD or final plat approval)
  • Surety, Public Improvements
  • State Stormwater Management Permit (if greater than one acre disturbance)
  • Right-of-way permit (if any disturbance occurs in public ROW)
  • Recovery cost paid (to be paid prior to construction drawing approval or final plat, whichever comes first)
  • Public Land Dedication (cash-in-lieu paid prior to final plat approval or at building permit if already platted)
  • School Land Dedication (cash-in-lieu paid prior to final plat approval or at building permit if already platted)
  • Engineering review fee $750 plus $75 times the square root (area in acres)
  • Land Disturbance Permit fee $250
  • Final plat review fee $300 (this fee applies only if a final plat is submitted without construction drawings)
  • Recording fees $10 per sheet for 8-1/2" x 11", $50 plus $20 per sheet for mylars 
  • City Use Tax

Building Submittal Requirements

Please read the Building Division Electronic File Submittal Requirements prior to applying for a building permit.