Developing property in the City of Westminster involves identifying all significant site plan, zoning, utility, traffic, mobility and engineering issues that affect the layout and feasibility of your project. This site is designed to guide you step by step through our process.

When is Development Review Required? 

  • Any new non-residential development 
  • Expansion of existing non-residential building(s)
  • Construction or expansion of any multi-family residential structure(s)
  • Property subdivision
  • Exterior remodeling and/or site work on commercial or multi-family properties

For information and policy guidance for other project types, including annexation, rezoning or comprehensive plan amendments, please contact the principal planner at   

Development Review Process Step By Step 

Development Review Resources

  • Fees
  • Plan Set Submittal Requirements 
  • Engineering Standards and Specifications
  • Review schedule 

eTRAKiT Tools


eTRAKiT applying for permits video tutorial 

The City of Westminster utilizes eTRAKiT, an online software tool, to facilitate the development review process. This system provides access for you to:
  • Submit your pre-application and application electronically
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Review and address comments
  • Interact with your designated planner