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Construction Compliance

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The Construction Sites Compliance Program reduces the amount of sediment and other construction-related pollutants from entering the stormwater sewer system. The City is committed to enhancing and protecting streams, lakes, wetlands and rivers that may be impacted by sediment laden runoff. We encourage builders to maintain the natural balance between sediment supply and transport.

It is the City's policy to encourage erosion control by leaving land undisturbed as long as possible (by project phasing) and using temporary and permanent erosion control best management practices (BMPs). BMP details can be found in Volume 3 of the Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual on the Mile High Flood District's website.

Under City code, the City of Westminster has the authority to issues Notices of Violation (NOVs) as well as stop work orders for developers or contractors who does not comply with sediment and erosion control measure requirements. Stormwater management information related to construction sites can be found through eTrakIT.

Contractors with a list of violations along with their respective eTrakIT identifications for the current year: 
  • BJJ PropertiesLLC, Wall Custom Homes, and Sheffield Homes (Carr Estates)- ENG18-0056
  • Martines PalmeiroConstruction (Westminster Promenade) - ENG20-0006 
  • Northern ColoradoConstructors (North Huron Interceptor Sewer Replacement) - ENG20-0027 
  • WaltzConstruction (Doral Academy) - ENG22-0001 
While the City of Westminster closely adheres to local, state, and federal guidelines, we offer robust compliance assistance within the program. City officials are here to serve the community and help in any way we can. Our City inspectors are trained identify issues and provide assistance and possible solutions where appropriate. Supplemental material has been provided below related to City expectations for construction compliance.