The city's innovation initiative was launched in August 2019 and our "I-Teams" work across departments and communities to explore, experiment and evaluate new approaches to government and civic life.

Who we are
We’re a small team with a big vision: we believe in making government more collaborative, inventive and responsive to residents and business leaders in the city.

What we do
We support city priorities by introducing new approaches, resources, and technologies to departments.

How we do it
The Innovative Office business model is that of consultancy. We assist others to build innovation competencies and facilitate matchmaking of skills, expertise, ideas and projects. We proactively engage diverse stakeholders and forge relationships between the city, universities, community, businesses and the technology community to co-create solutions.

How we define innovation
Innovation is the implementation of creative ideas in order to generate value – usually through increased revenues, reduced costs, greater social/environmental value or all three. At the city, it is also a cultural mindset that supports new ideas, fosters experimentation and drives continuous improvement.

Our story
Westminster City Council, in partnership with City Manager Don Tripp established the Innovation and Communication Division in August 2019 to help make government more collaborative, inventive and responsive to the community.

Our mission
Our mission is to support all city departments by introducing new approaches, resources and technology for city priorities. We work with departments, community partners and residents to drive impact on some of the city’s biggest challenges.

Our values
Our values serve as a compass for our actions and how we engage with the city.

  • Leadership: the vision to shape a better future
  • Collaboration: leverage collective talent
  • Agility: entrepreneurial and nimble
  • Creativity: imagination to drive innovation
  • Accountability: track and evaluate results

Our culture of experimentation
Ideate. Prototype. Test. Implement. Repeat.

Our core competencies: Expectations

  • Bring forward ideas in creative ways and make new connections.
  • Explore different lines of thought and experiment.
  • Brainstorm multiple solutions to benefit our residents and businesses.
  • Bring forward ideas in creative ways and make new connections.