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Welcome to the official website of Downtown Westminster Center Park!

Overview: Center Park will be the centerpiece of Downtown Westminster, providing residents from across the city a place to go for entertainment, recreation, and enjoyment. Center Park will provide flexible, multi-use spaces that support differing functions and attractive amenities working in harmony to create a unique public space.

Timeline: Construction of Center Park starts May 2024, with an estimated completion date of late 2025. During the project, we will post progress updates, and post pictures of the exciting development as it rises up from the ground.

Location: Downtown Westminster

Features: Concept plans for the park include open lawns, flexible programming spaces for events and gatherings; bench swings, shaded picnic and relaxation areas; a spray pad, a small, off-leash dog area; restrooms, landscaping, and beautiful lighting that will create a one-of-a-kind place in Westminster.

  • The main entrance is located on the southwest corner, directly across from the Plaza. This will be a hub of activity for food, drink, and events.
  • From the main entrance is the family activity zone, consisting of a splash park, playground tower emulating a hot air balloon (a nostalgic nod to the former Westminster Mall!), climbing features, a slide, a family activity court, and a fire pit area. The splash park will be lit for evening use.
  • A large artificial turf area will be home to special events, art shows, food markets, and pop-up activities.
  • At the center of the park is a large washroom facility that includes a large storage space for event materials and support.
  • A fenced dog park is located along Eaton Street with shade and seating for social gatherings.
  • Throughout the park is well-designed lighting and a sound system adding background ambiance, color and shadow effects, and security. Around the perimeter are sitting and lounging areas catering to picnics, small groups, and gatherings.
  • At the center of the park is a large, natural turf area that will host concerts, free play, and events. The lawn is surrounded by a large walkway that will provide different vistas of the park and will have swinging benches for date nights.
  • The park will be surrounded by lush landscape and trees contributing to this outdoor oasis.

Design Renderings:

In the images below, you will get a glimpse of the plans and details that will become the newest and most unique park in Westminster.

Aerial View:

Splash Pad:

Children's Play Area with Hot Air Balloon Climbing Structure:

Dog Park:

Icon Structure (Downtown Westminster logo):


Contact Information:

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