Rental Transfer Agreement

  Accounts may revert back into the owners’ name without notice for one or more of the following infractions:

  • Defaulting on payment arrangements
  • Returned payments
  • Service disconnected for non-payment
  • 3 delinquent payments that receive a $10 late fee
  • Unbecoming behavior of occupant to any city staff 

If an account is transferred back into the owners’ name, or if it is in the name of the tenant, it is ultimately the owners’ responsibility to keep the account current.

Owner’s and property mgmt. companies will get a copy of the bill every month.

8-7-9. - Delinquent Payments and Service Charges; Lien on Property.

 ( C ) The City shall have as security for the collection of such water service charges and penalties a lien upon the real property served by such water service, which lien shall become effective immediately upon the supplying of such water and shall not be discharged until the payment is made of all the water service bills, penalties and charges as herein provided. Such liens shall be governed by Title I,  Chapter 31 of the Westminster Municipal Code.


 (1) The lien shall include all charges prescribed by this Code relating to the provision of water services, together with the cost of collecting such charges, including court costs and attorneys' fees. The lien shall be first and prior to all other liens, claims, titles, and encumbrances, whether prior in time or not, except liens for general taxes, and shall remain a lien upon the real property served by the water connection from the date such charges and the cost of collecting them, if any, become due, until they are paid.


 (2) The City may enforce the lien against the property or the liability against the property owner in any action at law or an action to enforce the lien. If any person in possession of any premises, building, lot, house, or other dwelling unit pays the entire charges due and owing, the payment relieves the property owner from such liability and the premises from the lien. However, the City is not required to look to any person other than the owner of the premises, building, lot, house, or other dwelling unit for the payment of the charges.