What is a Pre-Application Review?

A pre-application review is the mandatory first step in the development review process for development proposals that comply with the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The pre-application process must be completed prior to submitting formal development applications unless waived by the Principal Planner. The pre-application review process takes about three weeks to complete and is provided as a free service to applicants. The purpose of this step in the review process is to provide a high-level cursory review of a development proposal with the goal of identifying critical issues related to compliance with development standards in advance of the creation and submittal of technical application documents for formal review. The process includes a week-long review by City Staff from several departments and divisions and culminates in a meeting between the applicant team and the City. At the meeting, all review Staff will be present to provide the applicant team with feedback on the development proposal in the areas of site planning, infrastructure, building construction, and architecture. Additionally, the applicant will be provided details on the process, timelines, and associated fees. A written summary of review comments is provided to the applicant at the completion of the process.

Development proposals that are not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan may not proceed with the development review process. If a development proposal requires a change to the Comprehensive Plan’s land use designation of the subject property, please inquire with Staff about the Comprehensive Plan amendment process.

When is a pre-application review required?

A pre-application review is required prior to submittal of any of the following project examples:

  • Any new non-residential development 
  • Major additions to existing non-residential building(s) and sites
  • Any new multi-family residential structures or multi-family residential developments
  • Exterior remodeling and/or site work on non-residential or multi-family properties
  • New single family detached, attached, or mixed residential neighborhoods (not individual dwellings or lots)

If you are unsure if your project will require a pre-application review, please contact the Planning Division at planning@westminsterco.gov and staff will be happy to provide a consultation.

Submit a pre-application form 

The City of Westminster uses eTRAKiT, an online software tool, to facilitate the development review process.  This system provides access for you to:

Visit the eTRAKiT webpage to upload all of your required documents:


You will also attach the following required information to your online submittal: 


Describe your project and include the following information:

  • Proposed uses and a detailed description of each
  • Number of dwelling units (if residential) 
  • Gross floor area for each buildings
  • Number of floors and building height
  • Estimated building construction costs (building valuation)
  • Hours of operation (if Special Use Permit)
  • Hours of operation (if Special Use Permit)
    • Provide conceptual elevation drawing/massing for each structure and outdoor activity to be built or retained on site
    • Identify primary entrance and proposed secondary entrance
    Proposed on-site structures and improvements including:

    • Street and landmark labels, scale, north arrow, and date
    • Dimensions and area of the project site
    • All proposed structures (including those that will be retained)
    • All proposed driveways, off-street parking and loading areas (including those that will be retained)
    •  All proposed landscape/hardscape areas (including those that will be retained)
      1. Identify any existing clusters of tree
    • Location and dimensions of existing and proposed streets, right-of-way and public/private access easements on and adjoining the site
    • Location and dimensions of all existing and proposed above ground and below ground utilities
      1. Approximate location of existing fire hydrants within a 100´ radius of site
      2. Proposed method of providing stormwater drainage
      3. Proposed grading activity for the site, indicating areas of proposed cuts and fills
    • Location and dimensions of proposed lot(s)

    Schedule and attend a pre-application meeting

    Please note, the principal planner may waive the pre-application meeting requirement after initial review of the pre-application meeting request and submittal materials. 

    Pre-Application meetings are scheduled after the application and all submittal requirements have been received and verified by the Planning Division.  Once verified, you will be contacted to schedule the Pre-Application meeting. The Pre-Application process will follow this general timeline:

    Week 1: Applicant Submits Required Documents; Staff Performs Application Completeness Check

    Week 2: Interdepartmental Staff Review of Application Materials; Scheduling of Pre-application Meeting with Applicant

    Week 3: Pre-application Meeting With Applicant

    *The general timeline outlined above may be extended depending on staff resources, holidays or other factors.

    Staff will provide the following feedback at the pre-application meeting. The level of detail that is provided in Staff feedback will correlate to the level of detail provided in the applicant’s submittal:

    • General information regarding the City of Westminster’s unique development processes;
    • Contact information; overview of applicable codes, design standards, and guidelines; and required application types and fees.
    • Review and comment regarding water & sewer availability, tap fees, and other utility infrastructure; preliminary building and fire protection review; basic site plan and engineering review; transportation and mobility review; parks and recreation review where applicable; and basic planning, land use, and design review.

    A detailed summary of the meeting will be provided within 5 business days of the Pre-Application meeting.

      Any person associated with a development proposal should attend the meeting (property owner, project manager, design professionals, etc). The meeting will be led by the Principal Planner and staff from the Engineering Division and Public Works Department. Other City of Westminster staff, including representatives of the Building Division, Fire Department, and Economic Development Department may also attend the meeting.
      Please be advised that project approvals will not be given at this stage. This meeting is designed as an advisory step to prepare the applicant for a formal submittal. 


      Xcel Energy Design Assistance Program

      This opportunity is too good to pass up! Xcel is offering an assistance program that helps you include energy savings in the planning and design phase of your project.  Xcel will even offer rebates based on energy savings gained!

      If you have additional questions regarding the planning approval process or to schedule an informal consultation, please contact the Planning Division at planning@westminsterco.gov or call 303-658-2092.