Half the battle of building a fitness routine is getting to the gym. Our group fitness classes will motivate you more than ever! From the music to the energizing instructors to the people working hard around you, group classes will keep you coming back for more. With more than 150 fitness classes per week, there is something for everyone. Led by a member of our professionally-certified instructor team, classes offer structure, variety and fun, as well as a place to make friends and build community.


  • Fitness classes are drop-in, first-come first-serve basis with limited capacities.


City Park Fitness Center - 2024 Summer Fitness Class schedule

West View Recreation Center - 2024 Summer Fitness Class Schedule 

The MAC - 2024 Summer Fitness Class Schedule


Body Flex                                                
Hit the weights in this easy-to-follow class using barbells, hand weights and other resistance tools to build muscle, boost metabolism, and increase endurance. 

Boot Camp
Challenge yourself! Packed full of strength, agility and power moves including athletic drills and hill sprints to give you a full body workout to make you feel like a soldier. Class held indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) to push you to the limits.

Butts and Guts                
Effectively target the glutes and abs while improving balance and overall core strength. 

Cardio Plus                                      
Bring heart-healthy aerobics to your workout using low-impact movements. Focuses on building upper-body and core strength with added cardio endurance. 

Cycle Fusion                                      
A spin on the traditional studio cycle class! Challenging intervals on and off the bike keep you energized and boost metabolism. Incorporates upper-body, lower-body and core strengthening exercises. Improve cardiovascular health and burn calories fast while you boost endurance and strengthen your entire body.  

Fit & Focus                                         
Focus on a better you! Build muscle, burn calories, boost endurance and improve flexibility and core strength in this class that combines athletic drills with yoga-based stretching exercises to give you a complete workout. 

Flex and Stretch                                   
Build muscle, boost endurance and improve flexibility and core strength. Combines athletic drills and yoga-based stretches to give you complete benefits. 

Low Impact - Advanced              
Get a full body workout with low impact exercises. This moderately paced class offers a balacne of cardio, strength and muscle toning to your weekly routine.

Low Impact - Beginner                 
Start your path to better cardiovascular health and wellness through this low-impact, low-intensity clsas geared towards beginners. 

Lunch Time Blitz                                                
Recharge during your lunch break! Improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance in this challenging full body workout class that mixes up the format to always keep you guessing. Leave class feeling ready to tackle the rest of your day!  

Explore the self-discovery practice of meditation in a comfortable, peaceful group setting. Enjoy the benefits of reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved concentration and reduced pain. You’ll leave class feeling relaxed, serene and centered. 

Pedaling for Parkinson's                                    
Come pedal with us! Reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms by as much as 35% by riding at a set speed three times per week.

Qi Gong                                               
Rejuvenate the body and revitalize key organs through a therapeutic blend of focused movement, deep breathing, and creative visualization to circulate Qi (life force energy). Flush out toxins, strengthen every organ and cell, soothe the nervous system, eliminate anxiety and restore mental clarity by harmonizing the right and left brain. 

REB3L Groove Fuses hard hitting choreography with HIIT mechanics and powerful music, resulting in a high intensity boot camp style dance fitness format.

REB3L Strength Choreographed toning routiines set to powerful music. Create a sculpted body and build physical strength using body weight, minimal equipment, and low-impact/high repetition training. 

SilverSneakers® Circuit 
Alternates standing low-impact moves with standing upper-body strength. A step up from SilverSneakers® Classic, and can be adapted for all fitness levels.

SilverSneakers® Classic
Have fun and get moving to the music as you journey towards a happier, healthier you! Strengthen muslces and increase range of motion for daily life activities. Incorporates hand weights, elastic tubing and a small fitness ball. A chair is used for seated exercises or standing support.

SilverSneakers® Yoga                
Come together in a supportive environment as you move through a series of gentle poses. Complete seated and standing yoga poses, suitable for beginners to regular yoga practitioners. This class provides breathing exercises and relaxation without strain on your joints.

Studio Cycle                                       
Cycling offers a non-impact way to get in miles of cardio burn, boosting endurance while improving lower body and core strength. Participants are in charge of their own resistance to make it as challenging as they would like.

Fire up your metabolism and energize your muscles! Easy-to-follow training style performing 20 second high-intensity intervals followed by 10 seconds of rest. Delivers a challenging full body workout that will keep you burning calories post workout. 

Tai Chi                                          
Re-energize, build awareness and empower your mind. Flow through gentle, thoughtful, slow motion movements to relieve stress as you improve balance, posture, flexibility and internal energy. 

Total Body Remix                                          
Maximize your time for the most efficient calorie burn utilizing high-intensity interval training that includes functional resistance exercises to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance, core strength, and flexibility. This is a great class for all levels. 

Find your core strength. Suspension training develops power, strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Using your own body weight and positioning, you are in control of how challenging to make each workout. Dig deep, you are stronger than you think! 

TRX Fusion                                                                         
Interval strength training class designed to encourage postural awareness while mitigating functional movement patterns. Use the TRX straps and your own body weight to adjust intensity. Circuit style workout utilizing the TRX straps and a variety of other fitness modalities.


Fusing the best of Pilates, yoga, aerobics and dance, Barre delivers a results-driven workout that is fun, dynamic and will sculpt you into amazing shape!

Gentle Flow Yoga                                                                                                      
Explore slow-flowing movements as you improve body awareness, balance, and breathing techniques. Beginners and seasoned practitioners can relax in a calm, safe environment. 

Hatha Yoga                                      
Discover your strongest you! This class blends strength, grace, body alignment and breath work to create a challenging yet safe practice for all. 

Take a swing at this! Kettlebells have been around for centuries but have recently gained popularity for the powerful workouts they provide. Build strength, stamina and power as you learn how to utilize these unique weights in effective body shaping exercises. Kettlebells are provided. Space is limited. 

Mindful Flow Yoga                 
Align mind, body and breath in this all-levels class that increases flexibility, strength and balance while focusing on breath and body awareness in space.         

Mountain Strength Yoga                 
A dynamic practice focused on fluidity, strength, and motion. Poses are generally held for short periods of time with the purpose of aligning and focusing the mind. 

Pilates Chair                                   
Perfect your posture and restore your core. Improve back flexibility, increase strength and mobility as you utilize this unique spring-loaded apparatus, the Pilates Chair. 

Pilates Basic Mat      
Focus on your postural muscles keeping the body balanced while stretching and toning. Safely modify mat exercises to restore back, core and mobility for a stronger body.

Pilates Mat                                    
Feel long and lean as you develop core strength and body awareness. Stretch, strengthen, lengthen and tone while improving core strength, posture, flexibility and balance.

Pilates Strength Align mind and body in this all-levels class that increases flexibility, strength and balance. Gain more core strength and shapely muscle tone. 

Power Yoga                                        
Take your yoga practice to the next level in this stimulating class. Incorporate strength, balance and flexibility while improving body awareness. Leave feeling challenged and empowered! 

Vinyasa Yoga                                   
Feel strong and rejuvenated while enhancing your mind-body connection. Flow through a series of yoga poses linked with an even breath. Explore alignment or opt for the progressive options.

Restorative Yoga                      
Restorative Yoga invites in deep relaxation. Deep relaxation benefits the organ system, improves sleep, digestion, and the reduction of muscle tension and generalized fatigue. 

Yoga for Everyone                           
Improve your balance and center your mind. Introduce the linking breath to movement for a full body strengthening and stretching. Poses are done standing, seated, or lying on the floor. 

Benefit from the long, lean, toned muscles of Pilates as well as the balance, strength and flexibility of yoga. May incorporate props.

Ditch the workout.... Join the party! Zumba® fuses Latin and other world dance rhythms to create an exhilarating fitness experience. Escape from the daily grind and dance away your worries!

Zumba® Gold                               
Strut, shake and shimmy your way to world rhythms in this energetic fitness dance party. Same exhilarating workout as the original Zumba® focusing on lower-impact options.

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