Before you Apply

Building in Westminster? Make sure you have completed the Preliminary Development Plan and Official Development Plan process, visit the Develop in Westminster page to learn more about the Development Review process. 

 If your project is currently in the Development Process, your permit will not be approved until the Final Development Process is completed.

Getting Started

Review the list of required documents and steps below before beginning the application process. Once you are ready to apply, login to eTRAKiT, submit the required information, and upload plans and related documents to your application. Use this handy guide to ensure you are using the correct permit type and subtype before proceeding through the application process.    


Required Documents

Architectural Site Plan
  • Scalable architectural site plan showing location of proposed building or structure on property, all platted property lines, and other buildings or structures on the property. Site plan must also show grades of walkways adjacent to building and at building exits, accessible parking spaces, drop zones, access aisles, accessible routes, curb ramps including counter slopes, stairs, landings, handrails, handicapped parking and signage, etc. in such detail as to be able to determine compliance with ICC/ANSI-2009 requirements. Required site plan submittal is in addition to any submittal made to other city divisions. 
  • The plan must include exterior elevations depicting all exposed mechanical and electrical equipment, meters, gas lines, access ladders etc. The plan must depict the methods of screening these elements as determined by the Planning Division.
  • Digitally submitted plans are to be signed and sealed by the design professionals.
Soil Report
  • Provide a soil report including foundation recommendations that are site specific. Soils report must bear a stamp signature of a Colorado registered professional engineer
Structural Calculations
  • Provide structural calculations bearing a stamp and signature of a Colorado registered professional engineer. 
 Energy Compliance Calculations
  • Provide energy compliance calculations based on the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code or other approved nationally recognized standard bearing a stamp and signature of a Colorado registered professional engineer or Colorado registered architect.  include mechanical compliance and interior and exterior lighting if applicable. Building envelope compliance is required for new buildings. 
Commercial Plumbing Data Sheet
Special Inspection Agreement
  • Provide a completed Special Inspection Agreement when using 3rd party inspection agency. Include resumes and make sure all parties have signed the document. 
Project Specifications
  • Provide project specifications, if applicable, bearing a stamp and signature of a Colorado registered architect or professional engineer.
Information on special systems, rated assemblies, or other special features.
Engineered Plans for Commercial Kitchens
  • Including equipment layout, plumbing, grease interceptor details and sizing calculations, ventilation/makeup air balance schedule and interlocking details, minimum outside air calculations, calculations for kitchen hood exhaust air volumes and velocities, and kitchen hood protection details.

Design Criteria for Structures

Grease Interceptors 

  1. Complete street address of building, including unit or suite numbers if applicable. Addresses for new buildings must be based on an official, city approved address plat. Submittals for new buildings for which an address plat has not been submitted and approved will not be accepted.
  2. Name, complete address (including city, state and zip code) and phone number (include fax number if possible) of building or property owner. Please note that this is not the owner of the business or tenant, but the actual owner of the building or property.
  3. Name, mailing address, phone and email address of contractor, if contractor is known.
  4. Name, phone and email address of the person to contact for questions or additional information regarding the proposed work. Please note that the person designated in the “Person to Contact” entry field on the permit application will be sent the plan review comments generated from the plan review process.
  5. Complete information regarding the project architect and engineer including name, complete address (including city, state and zip code) and phone number, where applicable.
  6. Description of all proposed work.
  7. Project valuation. If exact project valuation is not known, an estimate must be provided to determine appropriate plan review deposit. Project valuations given should include the cost of all labor, materials and contractor profit. Separate permits for fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, kitchen hood fire suppression systems, exterior signage and site work are required. Valuation for the above items should not be included with the project valuation given for the building permit.

  1. Name and complete street address of building.
  2. Name, address and phone numbers of designers.
  3. Designer’s code analysis specifying:
    • Edition of the codes used for design.
    • Occupancy type.
    • Type of construction.
    • Allowable floor area including any allowable area increases. 
    • Actual floor area including breakdown of individual use areas such as office, dining, sales and storage, etc.  
    • Occupant load calculations based on breakdown of individual use areas such as office, dining, sales and storage, etc., and based on Table 1004.1.2 of the International Building Code (IBC).
    • Building height.
    • Number of exits and exit width provided.
    • Required plumbing fixtures based on Section 403 of the International Plumbing Code (IPC).
  4. Complete architectural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans.

Contractor Forms

General contractors must be registered with the city in order to apply for permits. Plumbing and electrical contractors must provide the masters license number and state contractor number.  For returning contractors, log into eTRAKiT to submit permit. New contractors must contact the Building Division to request their initial user name and password.

Verification of Lawful Presence for Sole Proprietors Only 

Required Reviews and approvals

Once the Planning ODP has been approved and civil drawings have been submitted, building drawings can be submitted. Potential reviews may include:

  • Planning
  • Engineering


New building permits typically take 4-6 weeks for the first review comments. Subsequent reviews typically take 2 weeks.


Below is a list of inspections that may be required prior to obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy:
  • Above Ceiling
  • Above Ceiling Electric 
  • CEE
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Drywall
  • Engineering
  • Final Electric
  • Final Sprinkler
  • Final
  • Gas Pipe Insulation
  • Meter Release Electric
  • Midroof
  • ODP Planning
  • Rough 
  • Rough Electric
  • Sewer Service
  • Sheathing
  • Shower Liner
  • Soil Amendment
  • Soil Till
  • Structural Floor
  • Temporary Construction Meter
  • Underground Plumbing Floor
  • Underground Electric
  • Underground Plumbing
  • Water Service