Golf in Schools

Long Lasting Impact
In an effort to extend our golf opportunities, Golf Westminster delivers a FREE sustainable program that embraces the community, the school system and local corporate supporters in an effort to impact the children of Westminster for years to come. The Golf in Schools program is truly a partnership between the school, the professional, the facility and the Colorado PGA Reach Foundation.

Core Elements

  • Deliver the instruction where the children are – at school.
  • Provide a high quality, consistent program lead by PGA professionals.
  • Transition the children from the school to the golf facility on a field trip to experience the game in its natural setting.
  • Opportunity to incorporate science elements delivered by the golf course superintendent.

 Life Value Integration

One of the attractions of the game of golf is a tradition of integrity, courtesy, respect and sportsmanship. Introducing children to this great sport creates an opportunity to reinforce these values, as well as lead them down a path to participate in a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.