*PLEASE NOTE: Many of our staff will be working remotely and away from their offices for the forseeable future. Please email the Engineering Division regarding any inquiries at engineering@westminsterco.gov and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to serving you.

The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for the design and construction of all of the city's capital improvement projects involving drainage and new street and bridge construction, as well as the review and inspection of new subdivision construction. In addition, the division provides technical expertise to various other city divisions and departments on civil engineering issues.

Engineering Mission Statement

The Engineering Division provides responsible, high-quality and cost-effective services to our citizens as well as other divisions and departments within the City of Westminster.  Our mission is to improve the health, environment, safety, mobility and overall quality of life for our community. Click here to read or download our full mission statement.

Transportation planning & engineering guides the planning, policy, and development of transportation and mobility projects that address the City’s 'Ease of Mobility' strategic plan goal. Staff specializes in innovative initiatives, strategies and policies to improve transportation options, increase safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and programs, ensures new developments support ease of mobility and supports citywide programs that improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in order to support economic development.

Planning and engineering services include:

      • Bicycle
      • Pedestrian
      • Transit
      • Traffic Counts
      • Traffic Signals
      • Traffic Studies
      • Street Lights
      • Speed Studies
      • Road Safety Audits

 Visit our Transportation & Mobility page to learn more about our efforts.

As part of the city’s effort to become an environmentally responsible, City Council approved the retrofit of existing high pressure sodium and mercury vapor streetlights with more efficient LED streetlights in new large development. LED streetlights make colors look bright and more ‘true’ to the natural color, even when the amount of light is less than the old lights. New developments are required to install LED street lights and will need to follow the standards and specification listed below.

Survey Control Network  - Please note that these survey control monuments use the 1988 North American Vertical datum. The elevation values will be from 2 to 4 feet different from the 1929 North American Vertical datum. Also note that the ground to Colorado State Plane North, NAD 83, feet conversion scale factor is included in this document.

Survey Monument Locations Map  - This interactive map can be used to access PDF and TIF document files that contain information about surveyed monument points throughout Westminster. A search can be done for a monument number, or the map can be explored to find a point by its location. Monument points on the map can be clicked to expose a link to access the documents.

Stormwater Management

This section outlines the City’s entire Stormwater UtilityProgram, including the official Stormwater Management Plan public educationalmaterial, necessary procedures and processes necessary for developers, illicitdischarge emergency response information and City maintenance programsimplemented to prevent or reduce the amount of pollutants in runoff frommunicipal operations.  Westminsteris responsible for the stormwater quality that drains from any property intoour storm sewer system and discharges to state waters, including Little DryCreek and Big Dry Creek. As part of the Stormwater Phase II Regulations, thecity is required to comply with the State of Colorado Department of PublicHealth and Environment Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit regulations, all of which are outlined through this page.

Floodplain Information

If your property is within or next to a floodplain, this section provides information on flood risks, reference material, safety protocol, insurance requirements, and important links.  

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