Whether you are rehabilitating or looking to build long, lean muscles, Pilates has you covered. And here at Westminster, our instructors lead the pack. You can take a Pilates mat class, sign up for an eight-week Reformer class, or schedule yourself with one of our instructors for a private session. You choose the format, but the benefits remain the same - increase full body strength and flexibility, build a strong core and learn body control. All classes are non-competitive and all levels.

PILATES CLASS SCHEDULE 2024                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Pilates Reformer

Develop long, strong muscles, strengthen your abdominal and back, and improve your posture in this unique form of Pilates that uses a specialized piece of equipment called the Reformer. To ensure safety and effectiveness, completion of private or semi-private sessions with a Westminster Pilates trainer is required prior to participating in group classes. Please note, several sessions are often required to ensure readiness for group classes. Completion of a City of Westminster Pilates Reformer 101 class is also accepted as readiness for group classes. If you are cleared to take Pilates Reformer group classes, then register for a class, Register for a class.

Reformer, Tower, Chair Private Session Packages

Explore Pilates Reformer in a one-on-one session with a certified trainer from an accredited school of practice. Register online or call 303-460-9691; 24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid full charges for Pilates sessions.


  • Private Session ($65) includes: 1 hour Pilates Reformer training session
  • Semi-Private Session ($90) includes: (two clients) 75 minute session


  • Bronze Package ($249) includes: 4 Pilates Reformer training sessions
  • Silver Package ($489) inlcudes: 8 Pilates Refomer training sessions
  • Gold Package ($699) inlcudes: 12 Pilates Reformer training sessions
  • Semi-Private Bronze Package ($300) includes 4 shared Reformer Training Sessions

Pilates Reformer 101 
Introduce yourself to Pilates and prepare for classes by learning proper form, effective exercises, and the basic fundamentals on the Reformer. This class option is a smoking deal! Designed for beginners, the first two weeks of a session are reserved for your two private sessions followed by five weeks of group instruction. Pilates trained staff advise you when you are ready to move on to group session classes.
All classes held at City Park Fitness Center. Register for a Pilates Reformer 101 class.

Pilates Chair * (CPFC)
Perfect your posture and restore your core. Work on back flexibility while increasing strength and mobility as you learn to safely use this unique apparatus. 

Pilates Basic Mat* (CPFC)
Focus on your postural muscles keeping the body balanced while stretching and toning your entire body. Safely modify Pilates Mat exercises to restore back, core, and mobility for a stronger, more toned you! 

Pilates Mat (CPFC)
Feel long and lean as you develop core strength and body awareness. Mat Pilates is designed to stretch, strengthen, lengthen, and tone muscles, improving core strength, posture, flexibility, and balance. This non-impact class will surely make an impact on your workout regimen!

Pilates Chair and Mat formats are all drop-in classes. No registration is required.




“allow me to help you become the best you can be!”
after being diagnosed with degenerative spine disease and arthritis, i decided that these issues will not stop me. i had been doing pilates for over a year and in 2007 received my full pilates certification. since then i have been helping others transform their bodies, too. i am passionate about pilates teachings as joseph pilates says, “10 times you can feel the difference, 20 times you can see the difference, 30 times you have a changed body.” as your pilates trainer, i will assist you in becoming stronger, more flexible, balanced and give you more endurance to succeed in your healthy journey. your individual pilates exercise program will improve your posture and strengthen your core & body.

specialties / group exercise formats- pilates chair, pilates mat, pilates reformer, pilates for golf & tennis, prenatal pilate, pilates for seniors, nordic walking, personal fitness

education / certifications - pilates arc on the road- balanced body, pilates full apparatus certification-pilates of boulder, pilates masters rock the rockies- pilates of institute boulder, tower essentials core pilates, body works inc., bs in advertising with minors in education & marketing- university of florida, barre- body works inc, core water aerobics- aquatic professionals, mve fitness chair- peak pilates, nordic walking- body works inc., personal fitness- nasm

fitness program staff member since 2017




“Striving to See You SHINE”
As your Pilates Instructor, my goal is to help you recognize your fitness potential.  Pilates is about Movement, Balance, Flexibility and Strength… but it is also about having FUN. In my classes, I will push you out of your comfort zone by having you try new things and master fundamental skills. I am also dedicated to your safety and making sure you build confidence with every class.  My knowledge of Pilates and compassion for your fitness goals work hand in hand.  I am excited to watch your journey - thank you for allowing me to be a part of the ride.

Specialties / Group Exercise Formats- Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Reformer Restorative

Education / Certifications - Peak Pilates Certified Pilates Trainer

Fitness Program Staff Member since 2018




“let’s do this!”
after trying many different treatments for chronic neck and back pain, i began physical therapy on the pilates reformer. after 3 sessions i felt stronger, longer and stretched without any strain on my neck. since then, i’ve shared the benefits of pilates with hundreds of clients. as your pilates trainer, we will work on flexibility, strength and improving posture for a stronger core and back. i’ll individualize the exercises especially for your body. i’m passionate about providing you with energizing and transformative experience. let me join you on your pilates journey.

specialties / group exercise formats- pilates chair, pilates mat, reformer restorative, pilates reformer, barre, silversneakers® yoga, studio cycle, women’s results group training

education / certification- peak pilates certified trainer, ace personal trainer, afaa group fitness, ace golf conditioning specialist, ace mind and body specialist, barre, maddog spinning, mve chair, silversneakers® yoga, yogafit®

fitness program staff member since 2007