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Interpreter Assistance

Image of two people speaking different languages.

Find an Interpreter for Immediate Assistance

When you have immediate interpreting needs, we're here to help. City employees who are part of the Multilingual Stipend Program can help with on-the-spot interpreting for those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

When an individual has a language access need…


Identify the language. If the employee does not recognize the language, use the "I speak..." Language Identifier to indicate which language you prefer or use a language identification app on your phone.


If you are near the main customer service desk, ask the City employee there to assist you using the handheld interpretation device.


If you are not near a main customer service desk or the device doesn't work for your conversation, please see the resources below for further assistance:

  • Spanish, Hmong, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese, Vietnamese, American Sign Language:
    • Contact one of the City’s interpreters using the City Interpreters and Translators List .
    • If you cannot access a City interpreter, the City employee can contact one of the resources below for further assistance.
  • American Sign Language:
    • Contact 24 Hour Sign Language Services by email or by phone at 888-811-2424, or Translingua at 303-442-3471 or www.translingua.com.
    • A virtual interpreter may be the best option. This takes about 10 minutes to set up.
  • Other Languages:
    • Community Language Cooperative communitylanguagecoop.com/
      • Multiple language interpretation services.
      • Contact Indira Guzman at 303-564-5649. Please call first and text if she does not answer.
    • TransLingua translingua.com 
      • Multiple language interpretation services.
      • Over the phone and video remote interpretation

Other considerations:

  • Children often serve as informal interpreters for parents. Depending on the topic of discussion, this may not be an appropriate solution. In that case, the child could assist in identifying the language and communicating to the parents that the City can provide a professional interpreter at no cost.
  • Interpreters may also provide verbal translation of written documents (e.g. An individual has a court summons in English that they cannot understand).

For questions or more information about interpretation, contact the Human Resources Department at 303-658-2150.