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2015 Water Treatment Facilities Master Plan – Executive Summary

2015 Water Treatment Facilities Master Plan – Executive Summary

Design Working Group - In Progress

The Design Working Group is an advisory group comprised of Westminster community members to provide input on the appearance and construction management of the new water treatment facility.


February 4, 2020 Meeting Summary

Ground Rules Activity

Quality of Life Questions Activity

Group Photo

June 2, 2020 Meeting Recording

June 2 Meeting Presentation Slides

October 6, 2020 Meeting Recording

October 6 Meeting Presentation Slides

December 1, 2020 Meeting Recording

December 1 Meeting Presentation Slides

March 2, 2021 Meeting Recording

March 2 Meeting Presentation Slides

May 4, 2021 Meeting Recording

May 4 Meeting Presentation Slides

September 21, 2021 Meeting Recording

September 21 Presentation Slides

Preliminary Design - In Progress

Documents related to the preliminary design phase of WATER2025 are provided below. 

Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report

Preliminary Desktop Review of Environmental Resource Considerations

Inadvertent Discovery Plan

Tree Removal Plan

Environmental Field Survey Results

Site Selection - Completed

Project fact sheet 

Learn how the two potential sites were chosen

Summary of site selection comments 

Community Open House

Open House Boards

Milestone 1 Packet

Milestone 2 Packet

Milestone 3 Packet

Preliminary Survey Results Summary

FAQ's To-Date

Community Working Group

Meeting #1




Meeting #2



Meeting #3

What A Drinking Water Treatment Facility Looks Like

Site Evaluation Process


Water 2025 Announcement 

City Council Meeting, May 14, 2018

Water 2025 Community Survey Results

Budgets for utility projects completed between 2001 - 2008