How to Report Encampments in Public Parks and Open Spaces 

Ensuring the well-being of our community and the preservation of the City’s public lands is a priority. In response to residents’ concerns related to incidents of unhoused individuals camping in the City’s parks and open spaces, the City has developed a legally defensible process to:  

  1. Address and mitigate the problems associated with unhoused individuals living in the City’s Parks and Open Spaces. 
  1. Address community concerns about unhoused persons camping in public lands. 
  1. Ensures a continuum of compassion that respects the needs and rights of the unhoused. 
  1. Ensures sustainable land management.  

Homeless encampments on private property constitute trespassing. Property owners should call law enforcement for assistance. The Westminster Police non-emergency line is 303-658-4360. 

To report homeless encampments on public lands, please use Access Westminster to report encampments. The appropriate PRL staff will log the report and follow up with the resident to confirm receipt.  

Once the report has been logged, the homeless navigation coordinator(s) will undertake ongoing outreach to unhoused individuals to build trust and offer assistance in connecting to services. Park Rangers and Open Space and Parks staff will identify and document potential code violations or other issues, reporting new encampments. PRL staff will not engage unhoused persons except where it may be appropriate to provide support or information. 

Should unhoused individuals refuse assistance, offers of alternative housing, or engage with the homeless navigation coordinator(s), the City reserves the right to issue a trespass and initiate an enforcement process to relocate the unhoused person and clean up the area.  

It often takes multiple attempts to connect with unhoused individuals to build trust before they will accept assistance including alternative housing, and we ask for patience. Responding to instances of homelessness is a complex issue, and it can take many weeks to build trust and relocate unhoused individuals. We are aware of resident concerns, and we are working to create sustainable, long-term solutions for the unhoused in our community.  

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