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Agents of Discovery is a free application that will augment your visit to Standley Lake by connecting you with the flora, fauna and history. Whether you are at the park or home, unlock hidden geo-located challenges and answer questions to discover the park. Download the free app and explore the trails today!

Agents of Discovery downloading directions

1. Download the free “Agents of Discovery” app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Open the “Agents of Discovery” app and select “Missions”

3. Search for “Standley Lake Regional Park’s Mission”

4. Select 'Download'

5. Once at the park, select “Play” to start your adventure.

Complete steps 6-7 if playing at home.

6. Open the PDF with the image triggers (or not sure if we can scroll down to find image triggers on the web page) or print to take the game outdoors to increase activity level.

7. Scan the image triggers to unlock and play your mission. 

Explore our partners, Wonders of Wildlife and Agents of Discovery “Mission Conservation” campaign. Young conservation enthusiasts will enjoy learning and earning rewards! Play new missions every Monday until June 29.