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Information Technology

Westminster Information Technology Mission

To Drive Success in Achieving Organization Strategic Goals Through Innovative Technologies and Solutions

2019 IT Strategic Plan

2015-2016 IT Mobile Strategic Plan

Westminster Technology Initiatives, Achievements and Funding


This team is responsible for managing all city-owned and leased voice and data communications that are conducted within and between 30 City facilities. This team handles maintenance, upgrades, configuration and support of data communications and telephone hardware and software. Network monitoring and security, capacity planning and network expansion including new City fiber networks all fall under the responsibility of this team.

Comcast Franchise Agreement

Software Engineering

The Software & Web Engineering Team (SWET) provides technology solutions to customers within the City of Westminster to enhance their performance and productivity. Activities range from the simple task of directing an employee to appropriate tools, assisting in researching and implementing vendor supplied applications, and developing and maintaining applications. The team is always ready to provide technological assistance to give Westminster an edge in delivering services to its citizens.

This team works specifically on Web development (Internet and Intranet), major system applications such as (Sales Tax, Financial Management, Utility Billing, Asset Management, and Police/Fire CAD), and many stand alone databases. The team also develops interfaces to enable data sharing between applications. The Internet-based applications developed by this team focus on empowering individual customers to complete transactions independently without government employee interaction. The power of the Internet and the development of online solutions provide customers with the ability to access information and conduct business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Systems Management

The Systems Management Team is responsible for the administration, security and data integrity of 100+ centralized Windows Servers which include file, database and virtual servers. These servers are home to applications that support the City's Emergency Services, Municipal Court, Financial, Utilities, Library, Parks and Recreation, Community Development, Email, Internet, Intranet and Geographic Information Systems. This team also provides installation, configuration and troubleshooting services for over 1000 personal computers and Laptops at over 30 City facilities. They provide hardware, software and consulting services for all departments on existing technologies and they advise staff and provide strategic direction for the use of new technologies. This team also operates an IT Service Center that provides troubleshooting services to all departments for the efficient utilization of computerized systems.