Graffiti is a national problem that is solved community by community. Do your part to help stop graffiti in your community: See it. Report it. Remove it.

  • Report graffiti online
  • Call 303-706-3333. 
  • To report graffiti on your own property, please call 303-658-4360 to file a police report. 
Graffiti is defined as any unauthorized marking on public or private property. Not all graffiti is gang related, but all graffiti is vandalism. While most people do not think of Westminster as a community afflicted with graffiti, the incidence of this type of vandalism is on the rise nationwide and Westminster is no exception.

A survey of Westminster citizens showed an increase in concern over graffiti vandalism, prompting the Westminster City Council to take action by emphasizing citizen involvement in reporting graffiti so that swift removal can take place, and by adopting one of the toughest graffiti ordinances in the state of Colorado. Our graffiti ordinance makes the commission of graffiti a crime punishable by fine or jail term, and creates proactive measures designed to prevent minors from becoming involved in graffiti vandalism by:
  • Taking graffiti writing materials out of the hands of minors by making their possession against the law. 
  • Prohibiting businesses in Westminster from selling the most popular graffiti writing materials to minors, and requiring these products to be kept under constant surveillance. 
  • Involving parents should a graffiti conviction occur by making them responsible for restitution and also for attending their child’s community service. 

A tough property standards law requires property owners to remove or cover graffiti on their property within seven days of being reported or they will face an escalating fine schedule.

Westminster is known throughout the country for its physical beauty, its preservation of open spaces and its outstanding parks, public art and landmark structures. The physical attractiveness of Westminster is reflected in one of the City Council’s five strategic goals: maintaining a beautiful city. The aggressive response to graffiti vandalism furthers that goal, and contributes to the widespread regard Westminster residents have for living in their physically attractive community.
A partnership approach to graffiti is the best approach for dealing with a complex social problem - it involves homeowners, parents, businesses, law enforcement, the courts, and the eyes and ears of its citizens. 

Graffiti forms a chain of communication among taggers; when swiftly broken, it is less likely to be continued. The prompt reporting of graffiti results in prompt removal, and reduces the incidence of repeat vandalism - thus the slogan “See it. Report it. Remove it.” 

Become informed about graffiti - schedule a program for your community group with an expert from the Westminster Police Department on the subject of graffiti. To schedule a program for your community group on how to recognize different types of graffiti, and how to spot behaviors in people (not all graffiti is committed by kids) who might be graffiti vandals, contact the Westminster Police Department at 303-658-4444 or

Need to get rid of graffiti on your property? The following local businesses are providing a discount on graffiti removal supplies (including paint) to Westminster property owners who have been victimized by graffiti vandalism:

  • Home Depot, 7125 W. 88th Ave. - discounts available
  • Lowe's, 5600 W. 88th Ave. - discounts available 
  • Lowe's, 13650 Orchard Parkway - discounts available  
  • Sherwin Williams, 7731 Wadsworth Blvd. - discounts available 

***store may require a police case number to apply discount***

In order to receive the discount, property owners must present one of the three following items:

  • Notice from City of Westminster Code Enforcement. 
  • City of Westminster police report. 
  • City of Westminster police officer business card with case report number on it.