Where can I find your prices?

Rate sheets are linked below: 

Walnut Creek Golf Preserve - Rates

Legacy Ridge Golf Course - Rates

How far can I book in advance? 

All tee times can be made 14 days in advance, starting at 6:00AM

I have a golf pass that expired, can I still use it?

Starting January 1st, 2024 - EXPIRED Stocking Stuffer, Golf Expo, and Mulligan Passes will be subject to a $15 fee to be redeemed. 

Starting January 1st, 2024 - EXPIRED Golf Westminster Donation & Golf Shop Promo Passes will not be eligible for redemption. No option for an additional fee to be paid. 

Expired Pass Flyer - 2024

What are the course maintenance schedules for 2024?

Walnut Creek Golf Preserve

Legacy Ridge Golf Course

How do I make an advanced reservation? 

For the full information breakdown regarding advanced reservations, please refer to the page below: 

Advanced Reservations 

Do you have a resident discount? 

All golfers pay the same rate excluding any discounted green fee's such as senior, military, or junior rates. 

Can I rent golf clubs?

Walnut Creek offers Titleist exclusive rental clubs. 18-hole rentals are $50+tax and 9-hole rentals are $25+tax. 

Legacy Ridge offers two different rental club options. Including a basic and premium version. The basic options are $35-tax inclusive for 18-holes and $20-tax inclusive for 9-holes. Whereas the premium options are $50-tax inclusive for 18-holes and $25-tax inclusive for 9-holes. 

What is your no-show policy?

Golf Westminster has a 2-hour cancellation policy, and all tee-times not cancelled outside of this time will be subject to a $40 "no-show" fee per the number of players on the reservation. 

When and Why is the golf course cart path only? 

Golf Westminster is cart path only only during the wintertime (November 15-Spring of the following year) due to dormant conditions. The golf course may also be cart path only due to wet, muddy, or abnormal and unsafe course conditions. 

Does Golf Westminster partner with Youth on Course?

Both golf courses do partner with Youth on Course. Please refer to the link below for a full breakdown at each golf course.  Golfers must have a valid ID or DL that matches their YOC membership to receive discount. 

Youth on Course 

Does Golf Westminster Have a Mobile App?

Golf Westminster staff are always looking for ways to enhance the golf experience for our customers that are affordable and sustainable. We will continue to research the most robust, inclusive, and user-friendly technology available and look forward to rolling out an improved website and app in the future.

In the meantime, we do have a great app alternative to help make booking tee times on your phone easier. Follow the instructions below to add the Golf Westminster shortcut to your home screen. 

IOS iPhone Instructions

Android Instructions

What are the hours and when are you closed? 

Golf Westminster is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. Hours may vary on days such as Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. 

Walnut Creek: Golf Shop hours may vary depending on the time of year and season. On the Walnut Creek Home Page in Golf Westminster, the hours always reflect when we are open depending on that time of year. 

Legacy Ridge: Golf Shop hours may vary depending on the time of year and season. You can follow this link to see a full breakdown of our hours. Hours of Operation

Do you offer gift cards? 

Gift cards can be purchased and used for golf or range. They may also be purchased for designated amounts on our Golf Westminster website. Gift Cards can not be used in the grill. Gift cards can be used at both golf courses.

Walnut Creek: Gift Cards

Legacy Ridge: Gift Cards

What does a bucket of range balls cost? Oh, and the quantities?

$3 - 20 golf balls | $6 - 45 golf balls | $12 - 90 golf balls

What is TWGA? (Trent Wearner Golf Academy)

Golf Westminster partnered with the TWGA to facilitate and instruct most of our player development programs, classes, and most of our private instruction. Trent Wearner and his academy have been nationally recognized and have an impeccable reputation in the region. 

Trent Wearner Golf Academy - Website

Can I bring someone else to ride in the cart with me?

Yes, golfers are welcome to bring a guest to ride along so long sufficient carts are available and the guest is not playing golf. Please note, there is an additional fee associated, for 18-holes it is $20+tax, and for 9-holes, an additional $11+tax for the spectator. There is no need to add them to your reservation when booking a tee-time. 

Do you offer golf passes?

Yes, both courses offer an Annual Pass which is available for purchase year-round! 

Annual Pass

How do I inquire about Golf Westminster hosting a tournament? 

Our golf courses host several charity, corporate, and competitions events. To inquire more about tournaments, please refer to our tournament information sheet. 

Tournament Information

Do we offer accessibility flags?

Yes, both golf courses offer blue flags upon request. These flags will not be issued while the golf course is cart path only due to extreme golf course conditions. 

Does Golf Westminster have disabilty carts (SoloRider)?

Yes, both Legacy Ridge and Walnut Creek have SoloRider golf carts that are able to be reserved. For more information on disability carts at both course CLICK HERE.